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12.5 miles, a lime green couch & a cauliflower crust

Happy weekend! Let’s fly through my latest run so we can get right to the pizza photos at the end of the post 😉IMG_2131Yesterday morning I’d planned to do a long run with the DC Road Runners, but my bed was just too cozy to wake up early… so a solo run it was!

I put on three layers of clothing and got my Rihanna station going on Pandora. Up first: An icy Potomac River.IMG_2121Then my favorite Cathedral ClimbIMG_2124and back downhill into the city again!IMG_2123Unfortunately, Rock Creek Park was closed and covered in snow, meaning I had to adjust my route (no big deal since I typically make my route on the fly anyways)IMG_2128So back to the city streets it was — where I came across this gem! It’s been a while since I spotted some street furniture so I was extra excited.IMG_2129At this point my poor iPhone froze to death, but I was able to resurrect it for a final picture of Lincoln.IMG_2132I covered about 12.5 miles in total — about a mile short of what I was aiming for, but good considering all the sliding, stopping, and stomping through the snow, ice, and chilly winds out there! Phew. That was cold.

As promised…. PIZZA!cauliflower_crust_pizza_DSC0008Ever since I’ve read about this “cauliflower pizza” craze, I’ve wanted to try it out. It was our main event for Friday night!

Making the cauliflower crust was sort of difficult (I followed this recipe), but putting on the toppings was easy :).cauliflower_crust_pizza_DSC0005Eating it, of course, wasn’t difficult at all.cauliflower_crust_pizza_DSC0017We thought the cauliflower-based crust was actually pretty good! It’s not as sturdy as real bread, of course, but still held up pretty well. It tasted good, too — not nearly as filling as regular pizza, but still a lot of flavor.cauliflower_crust_pizza_DSC0013We kept it simple with a salad (and endless wine) on the side. It was so cold out that we were happy to have a cozy night in! cauliflower_crust_pizza_DSC0018Today, though, we’re heading out for some Sunday fun. Have a restful day!

  • Did you brave the cold/ice/snow this weekend?
  • Ever tried cauliflower crust pizza?
  • Long runs: Solo or with a group?

11 thoughts on “12.5 miles, a lime green couch & a cauliflower crust

  1. That pizza looks delicious! Not sure my culinary capabilities include ringing out cauliflower pulp yet.
    Do you ever use anything on your shoes for traction on ice/snow? I bought yaktrax but haven’t tried them yet.

    • no, i don’t have anything fancy for snow — just some careful footwork! i’d be curious to try yaktrax though

  2. Cold, but beautiful pictures! Long runs are definitely done solo. I like the time to myself to think, go my own pace, stop when I need to, and listen to music. That cauliflower pizza looks amazing! I have been seeing recipes pop up all over the place and have yet to commit – I think you have convinced me. :)

  3. I did not brave the ice and snow, I headed inside on the treadmill for 13 miles! I typically do my long runs with a group, I haven’t run solo in a LONG time. I actually just posted a cauliflower recipe on my blog, you should check it out. I used goat cheese in mine and it was so tasty!

  4. I can’t get over how incredible your photos are. Maybe you’ve answered this before, but what camera do you use, and how do you find the courage to take pictures on the run. I am the worst blogger photographer! Congrats on the mileage.

    • Thank you! On the run, I use either my iPhone or a Sony DSC-TX10 (which is drop-proof/waterproof). It’s not very courageous at all — I just stop for a second and snap a photo! :)
      At home or on-the-go I use a Panasonic Lumix (fits in your purse but high-quality too); and a Cannon Rebel (DSLR).
      I edit my photos with Picasa.