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dark-o-clock crazies & weekend magic

Happy Monday! Mine kicked off with ten miles at dark-o-clock with that same crazy crew from last week. Here we are in glowing, reflective glory:DSC04296(that’s me in the white, below!)DSC04298Despite the dark and ice, we were all happy to run in temps above 30 degrees. First time my lips didn’t turn blue in quite some time!DSC04299Anthony and I are crazy for waking up so early to do this group run, but it feels oh so good to finish a bigger run before 7 am. Good motivation for the rest of the week! Plus you get the Lincoln and all of the streets to yourself.DSC04300Hoping this ice melts away soon, but it’s supposed to get cold again tomorrow? What the heck, winter.

Anyways, how was the rest of your weekend? Though Anthony and I stayed inside and watched too many House of Cards episodes, we did get out for something fun and random: a magic show! I saw on Greg’s List that Max Major was performing and thought…. why not.DSC04281Even though we had back row seats to this sold-out show, I still somehow got called on stage to watch Max pull a string from his mouth through his eyeball. NICE.DSC04290Anthony and I had no idea what to expect during this show, but actually really enjoyed it! Max was pretty incredible and did some really cool mind tricks and optical illusions.  I’d recommend you go see him if you’re looking for something different — he’s a DC local and performs regularly around town.

He even has an Obama look-alike ready for photos after the show. Sign me up.DSC04291Unnatural change of topic: Remember the awesome salad I got at Matchbox last week? We headed there again for brunch this weekend (with Catherine and company!) and I tried the cobb salad instead.DSC04294It was good, but didn’t blow my hair back or anything.

Now, it’s time to get to work! Have a wonderful week :)

  • Do you do mid-week long runs? If so, when and how far?
  • Locals: ever been to Matchbox? Like it or not?
  • Last time you saw a magic show?

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7 thoughts on “dark-o-clock crazies & weekend magic

  1. One of my favorite things about early morning runs and workouts is finishing with a full day ahead (and having the streets all to myself). :) So fun that you got to go on stage and participate in one of the magic acts. I am so fascinated by illusions and magic. If I ever visit that area, it’s something to keep in mind.

  2. Double digits on a week day is the best!
    My sibs and I were picked from a magic show crowd once too! I had to “break” a pre-broken magic wand and blame it on my sister, and she had to put her head in a magic guillotine. My brother was 4, so his job was just to stand on the stage with us. haha!

  3. I saw a magic show about a year ago when I was at a resort in Punta Cana. There was no talking during it, just music the whole time while the magician did his tricks. So that was interesting and different. And I love a good mid-week long run :) I need to do them more, makes me feel so accomplished!