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tacos, beer, and a free workout

Taco Tuesday!pulled_pork_taco__DSC0028The other night Anthony and I made these exceedingly delicious slow-cooked pulled pork tacos. We about died of happiness, but then decided not to so that we could live for leftovers the next day.pulled_pork_taco__DSC0024 I’ve kind of bashed Real Simple before for making bland and boring recipes, but this one was a winner! The pork was so flavorful — it had a hint of cocoa in it, which resulted in a smoky-sweet taste.Topped with cilantro, salsa, and Greek yogurt (instead of sour cream).pulled_pork_taco_DSC0022No, that’s not an alcoholic drink next to my taco — it’s soda chanh, a fizzy lime drink Anthony discovered in Vietnam!pulled_pork_taco__DSC0025I usually try to inspire readers to go for a run, but today I’m encouraging to ditch the 10-degree weather and go eat a hot taco instead.

Another recommendation (for Monday): Go to Athleta in Georgetown at 6 pm.That’s where I went last night — for a 100% free workout, courtesy of Roam Fitness! (Remember when I ran around Southeast DC with them?)athleta_georgetown_DSC04302Before class began, I had time to look around Athleta’s super cute collection of clothes. I don’t remember the last time I went to Athleta, but their style has definitely changed! Instead of older-lady yoga-type clothing, they had a lot of fun, colorful, and sleek running and workout gear.athleta_georgetown_DSC04303Shopping is actually my favorite workout, but let’s focus on the actual fitness routine of the night. Andrew, one of Roam’s instructors, led our all-girls group through a series of circuit routines, each lasting about five minutes.athleta_georgetown_DSC04306We spent a good 10 minutes warming up and stretching, about 30 minutes doing high-intensity circuits, and then another 20 minutes doing low-intensity strength/balance work (including a brutal 3.5-minute squat session) and more stretching.

I actually enjoyed the low-intensity balance and core stability movements (think single-leg reverse planks, single-leg toe touches, etc.) since they were a little different and very run-specific. But if you were looking for a heart-pounding, super cardio blast ultra-sweaty kind of workout, though, the class might not be for you.

I also liked that Andrew had us work in pairs — part of the team spirit that I love so much about Roam Fitness! Here’s the crew, plus some legs:athleta_georgetown_DSC04308-001That was fun! Considering it’s a completely free workout, I’d give it a good score. Thanks, Athleta and Roam!

No  better way to celebrate a good workout than with a beer. After class, my friend and I headed to Mexicali Blues to refuel ;).DSC04311Tacos, beer, and a free workout? Not a bad lineup. Have a fabulous day!

  • Tacos: hard shell or soft shell?
  • Favorite DC-area workout?
  • Are you a high-intensity or low-intensity person when it comes to workouts (or when it comes to life in general)?

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7 thoughts on “tacos, beer, and a free workout

  1. I’m going to a free yoga event at the Athleta in Chicago this Saturday! I’m a bit scared because yoga is not exactly my greatest skill. And actually the first time I ever went in an Athleta store was the when I was visiting a friend a DC and we went to that one!! :)

  2. I think it really depends in the mood I’m in for the intensity of my workout. When it comes for running if I’m on a schedule I really try to stick to it and only do 1 or 2 fast runs a week and the majority are supposed to be easy you know. But if I’m like mad about something or frustrated I will flat out run fast at a high intensity. But if I’m happy and just wanting to get in some feel good miles I will do low intensity. Pretty much the same things with my workouts although I really should try to make most of them high intensity.

    • i also struggle to boost the intensity of any workout other than running — which is why i go to group classes to have an instructor push me!

  3. I wish my town had cool free classes like that! I’m usually a high-intensity person with workouts but I’d love to get into yoga (or at least just stretching)