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snow run and spicy pho

Another dark o’clock morning on bright white streets!DSC04313I trekked into the snowy city this morning to meet up with Leah and Miriam for an awesome winter run. Good company is the best way to handle this cold!DSC04315We kept a slow and steady pace through the snow, chatting away :). The streets were pretty much empty, which made us feel extra badass during our six-mile, 16-degree trek.DSC04319By the time I got home, the sun was just creeping up. Great start to the day!

Oh yeah, have I mentioned that it is COLD outside? 😉 Yesterday Anthony and I were cooped up all day (he was home sick), and had serious winter cabin fever. We could think of nothing but a big hot bowl of PHO.

So we layered up and walked over to Minh’s! Our favorite.

We started off with big pitcher of hot tea and some crispy spring rolls.minh's_arlington_DSC0012Then, the main event:minh's_arlington_DSC0015Big, spicy, hot bowl o’ soup. It was oh so good!minh's_arlington_DSC0018After our trip to Vietnam, we feel like we know authentic pho when we find it — and Minh’s is pretty much the real deal.minh's_arlington_DSC0019We might have gone a little heavy-handed on the chilis and hot sauce though… my eyes teared up and Anthony was chugging water!2014-01-28Stay warm out there, team — and stay tuned for a giveaway later today! :)

  • Did you run in snow/ice/cold today?
  • Favorite international cuisine?
  • Random: favorite hot drink? Hot chocolate? Tea? Coffee? Cider? (I’m still warming up from the run and looking for a piping hot beverage recommendation…)

6 thoughts on “snow run and spicy pho

  1. I go back and forth between the outdoors and running on the treadmill this time of year. Anything over 5 miles has to be done outdoors, regardless of what it feels like outside (except I am willing to bet that I’d skip a run if it was -25 or a blizzard).

  2. I get scared to run in snow because snow usually means ice, and ice means the possibility of busting my head open. I can deal with the cold, but I feel like I’m always on edge when there’s ice, and I don’t have a good run. So props to you for not caring and doing it anyway! I’m probably a pansy!

  3. a) you guys are amazing with your outside-in-the-cold-and-snow runs. Recent arm surgery (#3 in 14 months) means treadmill for me. 7.5 mi this morning – not too bad, because I can zone out. 😉
    b) I’ve never had pho, but every time you write about it, I want to make it or find somewhere I can try it. Hm….
    c) all the hot beverages. ALL of them. Tea, currently; coffee, momentarily (it’s brewing); cider, when I can. Mmm…Winter = hot beverages.