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sunrise to shepard’s pie

After days and days of grey, the sun finally decided to come up!DSC04327Clear skies, above-10-degree-temps, and good friends (Anne and Sokphal !!) made for a wonderful outing.DSC04335We chatted away and the miles flew by. Meanwhile, the skies soaked up a million colors.DSC04331Can you spot the Capitol way back there?DSC04333Oh hello, Lincoln.DSC04334I’m continually thankful to live in DC — full of run-loving people and run-friendly trails.DSC04339I don’t have much to say about this morning’s run because it was pretty much perfect all around. After fighting the cold and ice for weeks, a warmer easy run just felt effortless and it was GREAT.

How do you move on from sunrise to shepard’s pie? Not sure but here goes.shepards_pie_DSC0007-001Before we were married (and thus living apart and cooking separately), Anthony used to whip up shepard’s pie at least a couple times a month. I would always invite myself over when I knew he was making it!

Since I do more of the cooking now (my schedule is much more flexible than his), we haven’t seen shepard’s pie in a long, long time. I was a bit afraid to make it since it’s sort of “Anthony’s” dish, but felt confident with the help of Skinnytaste and Simply Recipes. I cooked it up and let him serve it for old time’s sake:shepards_pie_DSC0002-001And it was good!! I sort of mixed the two recipes linked above for a somewhat healthier version (lean ground beef, lots veggies, minimum butter and low-fat milk in the taters). Anthony and I agreed it was right up there with his bachelor-style recipe :)_shepards_pie_DSC0016-001With a side of blossoming flowers and sparkling water!shepards_pie_DSC0013-001Loved this weeknight meal. And NOW it’s the weekend! :)

(and congrats to Brittany, our protein powder winner! She says:

“They are totally the same, although I generally call something a smoothie when I am trying to make it sound healthier. I like chocolate peanut butter, but it has to be too thick to drink with a straw. The runny stuff is not for me.”

I’ll be emailing you today!)

  • Was today warmer for you?
  • Is there a dish that your husband/boyfriend/manfriend specializes in?
  • What are you most looking forward to this weekend!

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5 thoughts on “sunrise to shepard’s pie

  1. Oh my – when I saw shepard’s pie, I was thinking “how in the world did she whip that out this morning?” Ha! What a beautiful morning run! So balmy, right?