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artistically soggy run and a 30-layer cake

Good thing my camera is waterproof.DSC04359I set out with the early-early Monday ten-miler team this morning for some seriously soggy miles! The rain is supposed to turn to sleet/snow as the morning goes on, so we figured better get out sooner rather than later.DSC04365Other than this semi-distinguishable image of Lincoln, the view was way too wet, dark, and blurry for many clear photos. Below is an artistic collage of streetlights, head lamps, and reflective gear, with a wash of pouring rain:2014-02-03I actually think it’s kinda cool! That was a fun yet challenging outing that I probably wouldn’t have opted for if I had been solo. Glad to have a group to push me along :)

Random, but I’ve been asked a few times lately what my mileage looks like right now. I’ve talked a bit about my training plan in this post, but to give you an update, right now I’m between 35-45 miles a week. I run five times a week and try to do some sort of cross training or strength training four times a week. It’s a diverse lineup, with everything from slow 16-milers to speedy 3-milers to body pump to Pilates — which generally keeps me excited for each new week of workouts!

Anyways, enough running. Let’s talk football. (And by football I mean food.) Anthony and I met up with a new group from church for an awesome Super Bowl potluck last night:IMG_2150Probably not the best night-before-a-5 am-10-mile-run meal, but it was good! I made this seven-layer dip from Anne’s recipe collection. It uses Greek yogurt instead of sour cream and goes light on the cheese — and tastes delicious!IMG_2151I felt pretty fancy for making a seven-layer creation… until our hosts busted out a THIRTY-layer cake.IMG_2152Madness. Stay dry out there, and have a great Monday!

  • Have you ever made a layer cake?
  • Locals: Have you been running outside today?!!
  • What is your favorite game day food?

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