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beautiful day + beautiful beans

Sun’s up! And so am I (barely).IMG_2153Not sure why it was so hard to wake up today, but knowing I had a tough run was both motivating (as in, “let’s get this over with”) and de-motivating (as in, “nooooooo I don’t want to do this ever at any point in the future ever in life again.”)

It was just a tempo run, so clearly I was overthinking it. As soon as I got moving, I remembered that running is fun after all :)IMG_21565-minute warm-up, 25 minutes at tempo pace (7:10-7:20ish), 5-minute cool down. Phew!

Tempo runs should be done at a “comfortably hard” pace, according to my coach. Your legs should feel fine, but your breathing should be heavy! I try to not think about how much I want to stop or slow down when it gets hard, and just focus on keeping the pace.

And focus on what a beautiful day it is.IMG_2157Speaking of beautiful, Anthony and I opened this gorgeous bottle of wine over the weekend. It’d been gifted to us by his dad, who has quite a wine collection (where he kept this bottle for five years!)black_wattle_shiraz_DSC0004Shiraz is becoming one of my new favorites — which is fitting since Anthony is Australian :)

We paired our bold drink with a simple yet scrumptious meal. Pasta e fagioli!! (“Pasta and beans,” say the Italians)pasta_e_fagioli_DSC0013We were inspired by this Rachel Ray recipe and made a few adjustments: more veggies, prosciutto instead of pancetta, and about 1/2 cup more of chicken stock.pasta_e_fagioli_DSC0009It was awesome! Simple (and cheap) to make, too.

Plus anything that involves freshly grated cheese is pretty much a winner.pasta_e_fagioli_DSC0010That’s it for now. Have a beautiful day, friends!

  • What’s your simplest,  best recipe?
  • Do hard runs motivate or de-motivate you?
  • How often do you do tempo runs?

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9 thoughts on “beautiful day + beautiful beans

  1. I do tempo runs every other week. Mine aren’t quite as hard though. I slowly build up, stay at pace for a few minutes, then slowly come back down……perhaps I haven’t been doing it correctly? haha. I have to do mine on the treadmill because I don’t have a Garmin. Is that what you use?

  2. That pasta looks amazing!!! I’m definitely motivated when I know I have a tough workout coming up — kind of the get it over thing, but also I know I’m going to feel awesome afterwards!