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work/life balance, CIA in the air, and crustless quiche

Thursday started off right. Six miles with these lovely ladies:DSC04371and an eerie yet beautiful view of the Capitol. DSC04370It’s a bit crazy to wake up at 5 am, metro into the city, and run around dark, cold city streets — but when you’ve got two friends to gab with along the way, it’s totally worth it!

Leah, Miriam, and I usually have some pretty random conversations during our dark-o-clock runs. Today we started chatting about working from home vs. working in an office. Which do you prefer?DSC04369I do like working from home, but try to make it as “office” like as possible — by creating a semi-formal routine, getting dressed in actual clothes, sticking to normal office hours, etc. I need boundaries to separate work and life! (The question is, what category does this blog fall into? 😉 )

Anyways, we chatted away until we reached the White House — when suddenly, Miriam and my Garmins BOTH lost satellites! The CIA must have been playing with the airwaves. Random.

Then we said our goodbyes and I ran back to the metro. Boarded a train home as the sun came up.DSC04373And now “home” is about to become “office” :)

But not until I share some soup with you! (and quiche)spinach_quiche_tomato_soup_DSC0010Skinnytaste pulled through once again — I made her crock pot tomato soup and her crustless spinach and feta pie. spinach_quiche_tomato_soup_DSC0008With a few modifications, like always! I added bit of kale and some sliced ham to the quiche, and added some extra tomatoes and a can of chickpeas to the soup.

Up close and personal with the quiche — or pie? Or frittata? I never quite figured out the difference.spinach_quiche_DSC0005On the side we had some yummy mocktails — seltzer, lime, and cranberry juice. We’re trying to drink less during the week… at least Tuesday was a win!spinach_quiche_tomato_soup_DSC0002Thursday probably won’t be a win, though. I’m off to Baltimore tonight, and have a strong feeling that Alanna and I might pop open some vino…

* Also — sorry to my email subscribers who might have received some wonky emails yesterday! I was tinkering with the blog and might have spammed about 200 of you :( Forgive me

  • Which do you prefer: pie, quiche, or frittata?
  • Locals: Does the White House ever mess with your Garmin?
  • Work at home or work in an office?

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6 thoughts on “work/life balance, CIA in the air, and crustless quiche

  1. Whaaaaat that is crazy about the CIA sattelites. Or whatever. 😉

    I love SkinnyTaste. I haven’t made a bad recipe from her yet.

    I like working from home, but I’m too much of a fan of my PJs, LL Bean slippers and robe to change. :) I do have a formal office and try to keep work/life separate, but it’s an ongoing challenge. Starting the blog added a few new elements – more social media, etc., that I need to separate from time with family. Always a process!

  2. I saw you this morning! I was waiting to cross 14th St the opposite way you were, and I spotted someone with a camera – but in the dark I couldn’t be sure if was you. Now I know! Great morning for a run!

  3. I love all food. So there is no preference.

    I don’t usually run in DC unless it’s a race, because I live SO FAR, but I usually lose cell service near the white house – most likely because it’s out of my normal phone zone.. or something.. or Obama doesn’t want me to use his wifi.

    I work from home time to time, but I get all nervous thinking that people think I am not working, so I end up sending a lot of random emails, or calling a lot of coworkers so that they know work is my top priority.

    Side bar – You said you were running the Rock n’ Roll Half? I have run it the past 2 years (this being my third) and although I am not as fast as you are – at all – and will not be in your corral (not even close) Can I come find you and get a picture with you before the race? I love your blog and it would be so cool to meet you in person. (not trying to sound like a creepy person, but I may be failing at that.)

  4. I just pinned the pie/quiche/frittata recipe! thanks!
    When I try to work from home, I end up in my PJs with my face in the fridge all day. I have to go to the library or a coffee shop to get in the zone.