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charm city adventures

Good morning from Baltimore!IMG_2182My weekend started yesterday evening when I boarded a quick train from DC to Charm City. The two cities seem so far apart, but it’s actually only a 45-minute ride.marc_train_IMG_2177When I got off the train, I walked straight to Alanna’s apartment where wine and cheese awaited:P1010631What a superb host! We spent the night eating and drinking away… so invested in our deep conversation and heavy pours that we never snapped a photo together. So, here’s a throwback from freshman year of college when I dressed like a cat and she was Buzz Lightyear:

Anyways, we had a fab time catching up until I couldn’t stay awake anymore (like, 9 pm). Then it was time to wake up and run in the sun!IMG_2183A bottle+ of wine and a block+ of cheese makes great pre-run fuel, let me tell you ;).IMG_2179It was really fun to explore some of my old routes and see how Baltimore has changed since I was last here! It’s a pretty special city to me — I went to college here, made awesome friends here, and even got engaged here :)IMG_2180The Inner Harbor is looking as lovely as ever.IMG_2181Now, I’m hanging out at a neat coffee shop named Dooby’s (??), working away until I head back to the District in a couple hours! (And then head to Tennessee in a couple more?!)P1010634Have an awesome weekend and see you from the south!

  • DC-dwellers: Favorite local coffee shop? (also check out this DC coffee blog!)
  • Have you been running the same route? If so, for how many years?
  • Wine and cheese before a run: yay or nay? 😉

2 thoughts on “charm city adventures

  1. It is amazing how close the two cities are, but they feel completely different. I went to college in Baltimore as well (Loyola) and worked there after school, it has certainly changed! I do love that there is now weekend MARC service btw DC/Baltimore.