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ugly skies, beautiful burgers

I’m supposed to be on a plane ride to Tennessee right now! But the bad weather down south has delayed us. The skies in DC aren’t looking too great, either. DSC04374Luckily I had Catherine to keep me company for eight of my eleven miles this morning!DSC04378Neither of us were particularly jazzed to be running in grey, 28-degree weather, but we made the most of it and embraced the opportunity to catch up!DSC04376We did a pretty flat out-and-back route along the Mall. When oh when are they finally going to take all the scaffolding off the monument? It’s been over a year!DSC04377Catherine has a marathon coming up in a couple weeks — it’s a pretty small race and she is super fast, so she’s hoping she might place!DSC04380Which brought us to the conversation: big race of small race? There are definitely pros and cons of both, but I think the logistical and financial joys of a small race outweigh the crowd support and swag of a big race. Which do you prefer?

Anyways, before I knew it we were back at Key Bridge and parting ways after a long, fast outing. 8:14 average pace – not bad!DSC04382Since all of my photos from this morning are glum and depressing, how about we rewind to the other night when Anthony and I made beautiful and glorious burgers:buffalo_turkey_burger_DSC0033I saw this buffalo turkey burger recipe on Skinnytaste (can you tell I’m obsessed with that blog right now?!) and knew it was destiny.buffalo_turkey_burger_DSC0036We topped our burgers with the bleu cheese slaw, tomatoes, and avocado. And washed the down with a lemon-lime-seltzer mix.buffalo_turkey_burger_DSC0031On the side: “roasted” (“roasted” meaning “burnt” because I forgot about them in the oven) carrot fries and broccoli.buffalo_turkey_burger_DSC0039Another Skinnytaste recipe for the win. These were pretty easy to make, and extremely easy to eat :)

Have a great weekend and hope to see you from Nashville, if our flight ever takes off!

  • Big race or small race?
  • Favorite type of burger? Turkey? Beef? Bison? Bean? Veggie?
  • Are you traveling this weekend?


4 thoughts on “ugly skies, beautiful burgers

  1. I love that Anthony goes all in and has two burgers. Reminds me of Chris! I ran a big race in the fall and I am running my first small race this spring. I enjoyed the big race but it was kind of a pain starting off. I am excited for the smaller one this spring!