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where the BBQ never ends

Monday morning? Bleh. How about a fresh plate of cookies?!!!!!!!!!!!!!_DSC0021That’s more like it. I’m currently visiting family in Nashvegas, where the barbecue never ends._DSC0041I made a monster salad (similar to this one, plus roasted butternut squash and with goat’s cheese instead of feta) to complete the feast._DSC0038The weekend cocktail:_DSC0033I saw this mocktail article in The Wall Street Journal the other day and wanted to try the ginger-birch beer recipe (with a shot of rum…)_DSC0036Anyways, isn’t this a running blog? The skies are grey here, but I still got out for a jog!DSC04389It was actually warm enough for short sleeves, but cold enough for gloves :)DSC04385Seven steady, slower miles yesterday. Great way to wrap up the weekend.

And now, it’s time for work! Looks like today is another glum one — let’s try and make the best of it?

  • Are you sore at all today? Where/why?
  • Last cocktail you made/drank?
  • What type of running gloves do you have?

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9 thoughts on “where the BBQ never ends

  1. I had a really great rest weekend in the mountains so I’m actually good. But I’m planning to run all this week with my sister (who does xc) so I have my work cut out for me!

    • that just made me laugh out loud! we love/were addicted to breaking bad. i really want to see that movie that jessie is in now? i forget the name atm…

    • i recently visited athleta and were surprised how cute their stuff is now! i am also a cocktail fan, but find them so pricey at restaurants!