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I just wanted to run

Good afternoon, blog land! Sorry for the delayed post — I spent most of the morning chugging coffee, eating granola bars, and sitting in an airport/plane/taxi/metro.photo_lkjf73Anyways, when I got back to DC mid-morning, all the caffeine must have kicked in because I just wanted to RUN.DSC04392It’s cold out, but sunny! And after days of grey skies it felt so lovely to see the light again.DSC04396I’ve got a busy week ahead (which includes a snow/ice storm coming on Thursday) and am thus “front loading” a lot of my miles this week. Front loading = doing all your long/hard runs earlier in the week, and saving your legs/energy for the weekend. I have mixed feelings on front loading miles (the question: is it better to do a weekend long training run on fresh legs, or on tired legs?) but will save that chat for a day when I have more time to really geek out.

Anyways, my mind is clearly wandering today… which means my run was almost over before I knew it!DSC04394I followed a similar route to what I covered with Catherine on Saturday. I decided today that Lincoln has become my favorite monument. I see him at least twice a week and we have become dear friends.DSC04399I have no idea how/why I ran so fast. Especially given that I’ve been awake since 4 am?DSC04401And also given the amount of Mexican food I consumed last night?chuys_franklin_DSC0004My family topped off my weekend Tennessee trip with a visit to Chuy’s. It didn’t disappoint!chuys_franklin_DSC0001…and now I am officially exhausted. Time for more coffee!

  • Front loading miles: yay or nay?
  • Has this winter storm hit anyone yet?
  • Last plane ride you went on?

9 thoughts on “I just wanted to run

  1. Plane rides always leave me somewhere between exhausted and hyper, which is weird since you’re just sitting down for hours. And hours.

    Last plane ride was home from Florida – it was 80* when we left, and -3 when we got home!

  2. I am so jealous of the sites you get to see on your runs but it makes me so excited the I will get to see them for the Nike Half this April! I am front-loading a lot of my miles this week, and after tomorrow I just have two short runs to finish off the week and then my usual long run on Sunday. I actually think I prefer doing it this way because during my run today, I kept telling myself this one would be the worst one of the week and it is all pretty much downhill from here! It definitely made me push a little harder today to do the best I could!

  3. Hmmm front loading? I always do it, but I HURT so badly after! Winter storm has not hit downtown Raleigh yet, but I hear it’s coming! And the last plane ride I went on? Well, almost last, but I flew on this teeny little commuter plane, and it was so nervewracking, and I literally thought I was going to die on the way from my sister’s in Orlando to Atlanta. What a ride!