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celebratory hills + sage roasted chicken

Hello! It’s freezing outside today, but at least the snow storm hasn’t hit yet. I “celebrated” the”great” weather by running up and down this hill seven times.DSC04403This elevation map sums up the fun:
Not the most thrilling run of my life, but hopefully these inclines will pay off come race day! :)DSC04406I don’t have much more to say about this little run so let’s get to the FOOD!

After a busy weekend, Anthony and I were craving something simple and warm last night. We had a bunch of fresh sage on hand from a previous meal, so I put the remainder to use by following Jamie Oliver’s roasted chicken recipe.sage_roasted_chicken_DSC0007 (2)We cut the recipe down a bit since we used a few chicken breasts instead of a whole chicken. Still, it came out super flavorful and herby.  And super un-photogenic…sage_roasted_chicken_DSC0004Served with a roasted veggie salad and thick, buttered soda bread.sage_roasted_chicken_DSC0009-001Great weeknight meal!

Now it’s time to buckle down for some sleet and several inches of snow. YAY!

  • Chicken: do you only buy breasts or go for the whole bird?
  • Last time you did hill repeats?
  • Locals: Do you think this storm is really coming, or is it all just hype?!

4 thoughts on “celebratory hills + sage roasted chicken

  1. Mmm. soda bread.

    I do both – I enjoy buying a whole chicken, butterfly pan-roasting it, and then using the various parts throughout the week. It’s cheap and easy. We usually eat the legs the first night and then the breasts get chopped up and put into various other dishes.

    Plus, I feel like Julia Childs when I cut it apart.