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super sore from solidcore

Wow. We have a lotta snow._DSC0021My foot is down there somewhere — definitely in too deep for a run!_DSC0020Luckily I wasn’t planning on doing too much jogging today because I am 100% sore all over my body from yesterday.

Thank you, solidcore.solidcore_dc_DSC04407I got to join in on a class on behalf of Active Life DC. I’d heard that solidcore — which relies on the famous MegaFormer machine — was an intense workout, but had no idea just how tough it would be!

The chic studio is located in Adams Morgan (they’ve recently opened other locations, too!). It’s clean, sunlit, and packed with these interesting apparatus: (also, did anyone else think the plural version of apparatus would be apparati? apparently it is not). It offers complimentary towels, bathroom, water, etc.solidcore_dc_DSC04408Anyways, this is a MegaFormer, and it kicked my ass.solidcore_dc_DSC04409Our 50-minute class consisted of pretty basic moves — like squats, planks, push-ups, lunges, and a lot more planks — that were made really complex and intense thanks to the stability-challenging, core-crushing devices we performed them on.solidcore_dc_DSC04412Doing the lunge above, for example: Not only was my body struggling to support its own weight, but it’s also fighting to stay balanced on a moving platform AND fight the resistance of the springs pulling my left leg away from me. It’s sort of like Pilates meets barre meets TRX, if that makes any sense?

I usually pride myself on my ability to jump in and withstand almost any new workout, but I definitely had to take some rest breaks during my solidcore class! Even though it wasn’t a heart-pounding, sweaty workout, it was still intense in a mentally and physically exhausting way. I’ve never experienced anything like it.

I knew within the first five minutes that each muscle in my body was going to burn to shreds, and by the end of class — which flew by, thanks to a challenging routine, fun music, and an upbeat instructor — in shreds I was. And that made me smile.solidcore_dc_DSC04419Among all the fitness classes I’ve tried out, solidcore has pushed me the most and left me the sorest by far (with Reformation’s TRX class coming in at second!). Solidcore was fun, challenging, and unique — pretty much perfect!solidcore_dc_DSC04415 I’d love to give solidcore a 10/10, but I’m only going to give it a 9 because I feel like the price point ($259-$349/month!) is so high. If I had the funds, though, I would totally splurge on this studio. It’s an awesome workout. Full review to come on Active Life DC soon — thanks for hosting me, solidcore!

And now it’s time to go play in the snow :) . Have a great day!

  • Have you ever tried Lagree/MegaFormer fitness?
  • Most expensive fitness class you’ve ever tried?
  • Is it snowing in your town today?!!

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7 thoughts on “super sore from solidcore

  1. Wow, that looks like a super intense workout!! And I agree, it seems like it would be a great routine to get into but that is way too expensive! The most expensive fitness class I ever did was yoga, which was $100 per month. Not too bad as I have heard many other yoga studios are much higher, but I couldn’t go as often as I would like, so I ended up cancelling and just joined a regular gym which is only $70 a month. It is not snowing today here in St. Louis, we are actually getting a break from the cold weather and is supposed to be in the 40’s which is going to feel amazing considering how cold it has been here lately!

  2. Next time I visit DC maybe I’ll stop by and take a Solidcore class. If you were challenged I’m sure I will feel dead afterwards. Great post!

  3. Whoa, what an interesting class! I’ve never seen those interesting apparatus (totally with you on the plural, and my second guess would have been ‘apparatuses’).
    Your snow looks so pretty and fluffy! (Can’t believe I’m saying something nice about snow.) Ours is old, dirty, and icy because it won’t melt.