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spread the love: swiftwick running socks giveaway

It’s Valentine’s day! What better way to celebrate than sharing it with someone something you love — like a pair of amazing running socks.swiftwick_socks_DSC0001I told you about how much I adore Swiftwick socks a while back. So, I’ve teamed up with Swiftwick to bless one reader’s lucky feet with a pair of these bad boys!swiftwick_socks_DSC0003I’ve been running in the Vibe Zeros and Aspire Zeros — both of which are thin, light, and flatwoven, with compression in the midfoot area. The Vibe is a tad more plush than the Aspire, but still more lightweight than my Balegas and Feetures. When I wear these socks, I actually feel faster :) 

In addition to the super-comfortable and super-snug fit of these socks, I love cute colors and simple look of them. The Zero style is my favorite because it hits below the ankle for a barely-there look. And importantly, the low cut doesn’t result in sock slippage! There’s nothing more annoying than a sock that slips below your heel as you run – anyone else agree?swiftwick_socks_DSC0014Anyways,  I’m happy to share the Swiftwick love because I believe in this company (which, in fact, is based in my hometown of Brentwood, Tennessee!) and adore its products. Swiftwick makes a variety of cuts and styles, so if you prefer a higher-ankle sock or more plush material, you’ll still probably find something you like. (Swiftwick even makes socks out of recycled nylon and socks specifically designed for amputees!)

To enter the giveaway: Head over the the Swiftwick website, and then leave a comment on this post saying which type of sock you’d like to win! I’ll pick a winner on Tuesday morning. (US residents only)

Good luck and happy Valentine’s Day! <3

56 thoughts on “spread the love: swiftwick running socks giveaway

  1. I would love to win a pair of the vibe gray with pink. I like the slighty plusher sock. I hope you pick me!

  2. If I get to be picky, I will take the Aspire Zero in green in XL.

    Also, I don’t want to seem like I’m trying to say I need these socks more than anyone else here, but you should know I currently run in black cotton Nike socks from college and I’m pretty sure they’re the reason I can’t do anything less than a 9-minute mile.

  3. I like the vibe in the pewter, purple, gray! Socks definitely make all the difference, will have to check these out.

  4. I love this blog, it gets me moving everyday for my run/spin class/weight training!!

    ASPIRE ZERO Pink would be delightful :)

  5. My favorites are the Vibe Zero (in pewter/green/gray). They’re great double duty socks for running AND cycling.

  6. I love the VIBE in pewter/purple/gray! I was also really impressed to see the company offered liners for amputees, way to go

  7. Love love love swiftwick socks! I have the same grey and pink ones that you have in the photo above – they are amazing.

  8. My running socks are terrible – no compression, slippage, the works. I’d love to try out the Vibe Zeros! Fingers (or toes) crossed!