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24 hours at the homestead

Hi friends! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend. Ours has been a whirlwind since it started at 5 am on Friday morning. The snow kept me on the boring treadmill that morning, but it didn’t keep me from the streets altogether.

We rented a tough Jeep for a snowy road trip!jeep_snowP1010653Our destination: The Homestead, in Hot Springs, Virginia. Anthony’s best man, Dave, gave us an awesome gift card there for our engagement and we decided to cash it in for Valentine’s Day!

The road trip there actually went really smoothly considering all the snow. The mountain views were beautiful.P1010656And so was The Homestead!the_homestead_DSC0011We kicked off our trip with a much-needed power nap, and then headed to the main lobby area for some high tea and lovely piano music. Life is hard.the_homesteadIMG_2218We followed our sophisticated tea time with some sophisticated gaming. The Homestead has an awesome arcade which I think is designed for its under-10 crowd… but we fit right in.the_homestead_DSC0028I dominated the air hockey table…_DSC0029While Anthony focused his athletic efforts in speed basketball shooting. We made friends with the kid beside him — that youngster is destined for the NBA and crushed both of our high scores._DSC0036Anyways, once the fun and games were through we put on our adult outfits for a real date.the_homesteadP1010637
There were a ton of dining options available — we thought Sam Snead’s pub sounded cozy and low-key.sam_sneads_the_homestead_P1010639 We’d also heard that the chicken pot pie was phenomenal… and it WAS.sam_sneads_the_homestead_P1010644After dinner we caught a bit of an a capella performance at the hotel (which has activities/events going on nonstop) and then decided that we needed creme brulee.creme_brulee_P1010647With a cocktail. Shout out to my mom, who loves Gimlets too.the_homesteadP1010646And THEN we thought we would go to “The Casino” to have a little fun at the black jack table. Unfortunately, though, “The Casino” is in fact not a casino at all. It’s a restaurant?! When we showed up with cash ready to burn, the hostess informed us that we were the fourth couple that night to come to the restaurant thinking it was an actual casino. What? Bizarre.

Luckily were were pooped anyways and happy to call it a night. We had to get up early for a cycling class!IMG_2220The Homestead had an impressive fitness center that even offered free classes! Pretty neat. I’ve never been on a Real Ryder (which has horizontal movement functionality, so that you can “turn” and work your core) so that was sort of fun.

After we spun for about 45 minutes, we hit up the breakfast buffet for about 20 hours. It was heavenly!waffle_IMG_2225I’m starting to realize that this is the longest blog post ever — I hope the waffle made the read worth it?

Anyways, after all of that we went on one last stroll through the awesome scenery…the_homestead_DSC0017and then took our very stuffed, very happy selves home.P1010649All in all, the Homestead was a fabulous getaway from city life. A very fun weekend adventure — thanks, Dave!

I also have a 15-mile run recap to share but I limit myself to 20 photos per post ;). Catch you tomorrow!

  • What did you do for Valentine’s day?!
  • Waffles or pancakes? (very important question)
  • Ever been on a Real Ryder?

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