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i ran part of an informal marathon and then perfected a green juice recipe

Good morning! Let’s pretend it’s not Monday (unless you’re one of those lucky people that has today off work) and recap Sunday’s 15-mile adventure instead.DSC04424Since we were busy kicking it at The Homestead on Friday/Saturday + all the city was covered in snow, I decided to push my long run to Sunday. Which turned out being a great idea, because it was sunny and slightly less snowy out!DSC04425I tackled the first six miles solo, running around Arlington and the Mall. Early Sunday mornings are pretty quiet around town — I ran without music and just enjoyed the peaceful streets.DSC04426I started winding my way up through the city, hoping to spot some street furniture for you guys. But all I could find was this lone chicken wing on 16th.DSC04428And THEN I found Miriam, who was waiting for me at mile 6!DSC04432-001We chatted away and decided to actually act upon my silly suggestion to run up the massive hill to the National Cathedral. Monster incline!DSC04430Luckily the downhill finish from the top felt pretty awesome. We hit up a few more city streets in my old neighborhood, Adams Morgan:DSC04434and THEN met up with Leah at mile 14.5! She even had Gatorade in hand for us!DSC04435-001I finished the run a half mile later (15 for me) — and Miriam continued on to tackle 26.2 miles! She was actually supposed to run a marathon yesterday which was canceled due to snow. Since she couldn’t run her formal race, she decided to run an informal marathon around DC herself. Leah and I were proud to join her for part of the journey! Nice work, Miriam :)

Anyways, when I got home a couple hours later (I actually went straight to church after my run (no worries, it’s a casual church where it’s cool to wear running clothes) (why can’t I stay on topic?)) I was staaaaarving. I made a big omelet with a side of GREEN juice!green_juice_DSC0019I finally perfected the recipe that I drafted a while back.green_juice_DSC0012The lineup (which makes two smoothies – one for me, and one for Anthony!): big handful of kale, 1/2 a big apple, 1/2 a big pear, 1 carrot, 4 stalks celery, half a cucumber, tablespoon fresh ginger, a peeled lemon, 1/3 cup almond milk, 1/4 cup apple juice. The key is to go heavy on the lemon. It gives the drink zesty goodness :)

Have a run-derful day, you guys!

  • Favorite flavor juice/smoothie?
  • Have you ever run 26.2 but not in a race?
  • Do you run with music or not?

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15 thoughts on “i ran part of an informal marathon and then perfected a green juice recipe

  1. My uncle does his own marathon every year!! (well, it’s been 2 years so far, but we are on again for this year – it’s always on his bday weekend in June)…we call it The Joe. The first year, he did the entire thing, a a few of us other relatives joined in for separate parts and others had water stops or followed on bike. Last year, he hadn’t trained, so we still did the course, but more of a relay style. It’s so much fun to all get out as an extended family and take part in some way!

  2. What church is that? Sounds awesome (if a bit smelly?)! If I have to choose between running through God’s creation and missing out on it to go to church, the immersion experience (running) will win every time. But if there’s a win-win option…

    • haha yeah, it’s a great combo! i go to national community christian church, a non-denominational group that meets at different locations throughout the city. it’s pretty awesome!

  3. I need a real juicer (we bought one off of craigslist and its seriously from the 70’s…leaks everywhere). That green juice looked so good! I’m so impressed by you owning the snow like a boss. I officially can’t take running in the cold and snow anymore, and I might tear my eyes out on the ol’ mill. One more month until better weather thank goodness.

    • i just use a vitamix, which isn’t a juicer but just a very badass blender. a juicer would be ideal, but a vitamix does the trick! yes, i can’t wait for this snow to melt!!

  4. That’s so cool that you and Leah relayed Miriam’s marathon!!
    24 miles is the longest I’ve gone outside of a race.
    and thanks for the “4 benefits of sticking with outdoor running in the winter” article–makes me feel a little better about the sad state of my running fitness right now

  5. Cool! Love the frosty pics of running in DC. Just ran an informal half-marathon so stumbled on your description of 26.2. Captures the joy of running!
    That’s the National Cathedral, yes?

    • congrats on your informal half! 😉 yes, that’s the cathedral — one of my favorite spots when i used to live in dc!