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november project round 2

Another dark o’ clock start to the day — but hey, at least there’s a little bit of sun peeking out!DSC04451I met up with Anne and Chelsea for some miles this morning. Our destination: The November Project! The November Project (which actually meets year-round) is a free community stair workout — the trend started in Boston, and has moved to NYC, DC, Philly, and a bunch of other cities. You can check out my last recap here!

It took us a little over two miles to run to the Lincoln steps, which were already being tackled by the November group!DSC04454We started (a bit late) and buckled down for 45 minutes of stair climbing, burpee jumping, and plank holding. All while enduring a light rain :)

Those steps are killer, but the 6:45 am view from the top made it pretty worth it. I’m continually thankful to live in such a beautiful city. (And thankful that it’s full of crazies who like to get up at 6 am to run up and down stairs 100000 times!)DSC04456At the end of the workout, we did a team challenge — team members held planks, while one team member jumped over each person! To get my mind off of planking pain, I decided to take photos of my neighbors.DSC04457Our fabulous trio stopped for a quick photo after the workout, and then headed on our run back home. (don’t laugh at my mittens… they are ultra warm and impossible to lose in the laundry)DSC04460I continue to be a fan of the November Project, which has an awesome team-boosting spirit and friendly members. And it is 100% completely and absolutely FREE.

And lastly, it’s time to drop some big news! My brother and sister-in-law had a beautiful baby over the weekend, and she is the cutest. Here’s her blog debut:5583E4A6-D5F8-4B2A-ACB8-D04C8ACF46D7Nothing can top ending a post with an adorable infant, so let’s close this out. I’ll be back later today with a recipe!

  • Do you have kids/nieces/nephews?
  • Locals: Favorite low-budget/free workout?
  • Tell me about your run today!!

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19 thoughts on “november project round 2

  1. I am the oldest of 4, so I have none of these, but looking forward to when I do! My favorite free workout is a run! It’s how I kept in shape when I was REALLY really poor and looking for work after grad school. And my run today? It has not happened yet! I am doing a speed workout with some folks from work after work, but before dinner! Excited for it to happen!

  2. Great job! As I said on Instagram, I ran right by yesterday. I was doing an 8 mi tempo before work so couldn’t stop. Will have to try it sometime; but all that stair running sounds a little boring?

    • yes, it can be a bit boring, but the group is reallllly social so you end up meeting lots of people etc. i don’t think i’d do it every week, but it’s fun to drop in every now and then

  3. Congratulations on the new arrival to the family, she is beautiful!!. Please give our warmest congratulations to the proud parents and grandparents.