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whirlwind weekend + 10-miler recap

How was your weekend?! Mine went from DC to Baltimore to Columbia and back. Phew! Here’s a quick recap:P1010658On Friday I took the train to Charm City, where I met Alanna and Meredith for a girls’ getaway! The three of us went to college at Hopkins together, they were both bridesmaids at my wedding, and we try to meet up regularly to party hard.

When we got to Alanna’s on Friday, we had a lot of catching up to do. The night was fueled by ample amounts wine and Thai food, neither of which photographed well but tasted great.

So let’s get straight to the waffles on Saturday morning:IMG_2270Alanna is quite the chef and host!

After our lovely brunch, some daytime strolling was in order. It was gorgeous outside!P1010670We walked all the way from Alanna’s place in Mt.Vernon to the lovely streets of Fells Point.P1010676For lunch we settled in at Bertha’s.berthas_mussels_baltimore_P1010678 It’s locally famous for its mussels, so we had to get some!berthas_mussels_baltimore_P1010682Meredith and I got awesome chef’s salads, which were made amazing by herby homemade dressing and sweet black currants.berthas_mussels_baltimore_P1010686After lunch, we walked for hours more. We must have covered over five miles!

Before we knew it, the sun was setting and I needed french fries.brewers_art_baltimore_P1010692Brewer’s Art always hits the spot! Their signature beers and garlic fries are the best in the world.

One last group shot before Meredith headed back to NYC:P1010693Alanna and I finished off the night with dinner at Gertrude’s (where I used to be a waitress!) then crashed into bed. We were up early and in the car — because we had to get me to the start line!IMG_2273The RRCA 10-mile team challenge is an awesome race which is attended by local running clubs in the area. I ran it last year, and came back again for more hilly torture with the DC Road Runners.IMG_2274The course winds through suburban streets with a downhill start, grueling hilly midsection, and flat finish. IMG_2281My splits speak to the route:
I’m pretty pleased with my time, which was officially 1:13:42 — four minutes faster than last year, which means I shaved about 25 seconds off per mile. Woot! IMG_2279
The best part of this race is that it’s free for all running club members AND DC Road Runners rented a bus to drive us all home. With beer.
What a weekend. I guess it’s time to get started on this whole Monday thing. Have a good one!

  • Did you race this weekend?! How’d it go?
  • Locals: Ever been to Baltimore? Favorite spot?
  • Post-race beer: yay or nay?

12 thoughts on “whirlwind weekend + 10-miler recap

  1. Those are some speedy miles, considering how hilly it was. Congrats on the PR!

    I live about an hour away from Baltimore, and have only really been to the touristy areas like the aquarium and inner harbor.

    I’ve never actually gotten a post-race beer, even though I love drinking beer and the larger races I do usually have them at the finishers festival (RnR and MCM). I would totally do a beer run, though!

    • haha i have always wanted (yet not wanted?) to try hashing. baltimore is a great place — you should check out fells point, hampden, canton, and charles village for less touristy stuff

    • i used to be a really crappy runner and still am really crappy compared to a lot of people! it’s all relative :) good luck!