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solo/social/snowy run + sizzling fajitas

Pretty nice sunrise this morning, right?IMG_2293I set out solo for the first 45 minutes of today’s run, hitting the quiet and golden streets of Georgetown.IMG_2291My legs are still a bit sore from Sunday’s race, so I took it nice and slow. Even took the time to snap a shot of this beautiful tree near Washington Circle — I don’t think I’ve ever really noticed it before! One of my favorite things about running is that it helps you absorb and appreciate the scenery around you.IMG_2292Anyways, after my peaceful and pensive 5.5 miles, I picked up this guy for 5 more:IMG_2299It was great to have a morning date with Anthony, even though grey skies and a bit of snow sunk in toward the end of our run!IMG_2298Another runway-worthy photo of a sleep-deprived, endorphin-high me before 7 am:IMG_229710.5 miles. Good run.

FAJITAS:beef_fajitas__DSC0041I’m not even going to try and segue into these babies, which are loaded with spice and spice and everything nice.beef_fajitas_DSC0037Everything nice = bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, refried beans, thinly shredded beef (you can buy it at Trader Joes!), and lots of taco seasoning. (Anthony, I just realized I didn’t tell you that I sneaked mushrooms into this recipe… hehehe.) (Also, did you know “sneaked” and “snuck” are both appropriate past tense words?)

Wrapped up in a multigrain tortilla and topped with creamy Greek yogurt and avocado. Easy and delicious!beef_fajitas_DSC0043Also extremely fun and messy to eat. Fork, knife, and lots of napkins recommended.  Stay warm out there!

  • Does your spouse/significant other run with you?
  • What’s your favorite form of Mexican food?
  • Did you get caught in rain/snow on your run today?

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6 thoughts on “solo/social/snowy run + sizzling fajitas

  1. My significant fiance :) runs with me sometimes, like he’ll keep me company especially on my longer runs for a few miles. He’s such a good sport. My favorite form of Mexican would have to be the Americanized burrito bowl. I love all the stuff that comes inside of a burrito, don’t care for the actual burrito part! And down here in NC, there is no rain or snow yet, so nope!

  2. My hubby and i very rarely run together, although we have started registering for some local races and used them as “dates”, basically he has to slow down :) I’ve actually picked up my pace a lot in the last year which I know he’s pretty excited about so he doesn’t have to slow down THAT much. I hit the treadmill for my run today, kind of wished I was out running in the snow though!! Those fajitas look amazing!