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crazy runner friends x2

An early morning of chanting, cheering, jumping, and stair climbing with these crazies again:DSC04478Anne, Chelsea, and I had so much fun at The November Project last week that we came back for more this morning! When we set out a little after 6, it was barely snowing — but by the time we arrived at the Project, the flurries were seriously coming down.

This did not impact the spirit of the Project-ers at all, of course.DSC04480Up and down the Lincoln steps about 17 times. Phew!DSC04476Lots of good chats, hugs, and high-fives along the way. This group knows how to have fun, even when you’re wondering whether you are about to slip and fall to your doom.DSC04484So this is what I would look like with white hair…DSC04485On the run home, the weather got even more furious and we looked like running lunatics trying to fight the wind on Memorial Bridge. The experience passed the point of miserable and became truly hilarious. (Chelsea’s boyfriend joined in for the adventure, too!)DSC04487When we got back to Arlington, though, the winds and traffic died down a bit and everything was just quiet and pretty.DSC04488Quiet, pretty, and COLD. When I made it home, a big mug of tea and a hot shower were in order as soon as possible — which wasn’t that soon, really, because my fingers were too frozen to do anything for like ten minutes.

More crazy running friends — finally meeting up in non-running gear!_DSC0077Take two:_DSC0080Leah, Miriam, and I hang out about once a week at 6 am… but last night we changed it to 6 pm. With the company of significant others and lots of food!stuffed_pepper_DSC0067Miriam made some amazing veggie- and quinoa-stuffed peppers and eggplants.stuffed_eggplant_DSC0066 Leah covered the side dish (green beans!) while Anthony and I were in charge of the most important things: 1) wine_DSC0073and 2) dessert!_DSC0076I made this vanilla pudding + sauteed pears recipe and thought it was alright — too much cornstarch, as the reviewers hinted! We still didn’t have trouble finishing it all, though :) Thanks for hosting us, Miriam! It was so nice to see everyone sitting down, with eyes open, and in normal clothes. Crazy.

Now I’m going to work on thawing out my thumbs some more. Catch you later!

  • Last time you fell (down the stairs or otherwise?!)
  • Have you ever made pudding from scratch?
  • When was the last time you gave someone a high five?

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18 thoughts on “crazy runner friends x2

  1. Haha I love when miserable circumstances turn funny because they are too miserable. the veggie- and quinoa-stuffed peppers and eggplants look soo good!!

  2. Your hair is so cute!! Hey I have a question for you! I’m running my first(!) half marathon soon and the forecast says the low is 27 and the high is 57. I’m wondering what you usually wear for races with temps like this? I’m thinking about wearing my tempo shorts, long sleeve shirt, gloves and a hat but I’m kind’ve worried that I will be too cold! What do you think?

    • i have a little chart of temps/outfits here: http://minutespermile.com/2013/01/10/renaissance-woman/ with such a high variation in forecasts (maybe you’ll have a better idea closer to race day?) i’d suggest you layer up on throw-away, zip-up jackets that you can shed if you get hot. make sure they are zip-up so you don’t have to pull over your head on the run. shorts vs. pants isn’t really an issue as much as keeping your core warm. also, i personally hate having cold hands and always wear 2 pairs (or more!) of gloves! GOOD LUCK!