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back to track + 5 favorites of late

I kicked off my Friday by visiting an old friend:DSC04501My feet hadn’t touched this red beauty in a long time, and it felt very good and very painful to be back again (and very cold! It is freaking 15 degrees. Wah.)DSC04500I thought that today’s workout (7×400) was going to be a breeze. I set out on my first 400, just cruising through — and came in at 1:36. SIX seconds too slow!DSC04497After that I realized I’d totally underestimated this workout…and was going to have to actually try after all. Next six attempts: 1:27, 1:29, 1:30, 1:29, 1:30, 1:31.

I was pretty beat by the end of it all and THEN CAME BACK TO AN APARTMENT LOBBY FULL OF BAKED GOODS. I hate landlords and management companies as a life rule, but today I am making an exception.DSC04502Cold sweaty glove + a sugar-topped muffin = bliss.DSC04504Yes!

Speaking of nice surprises, I decided to make another Favorites of Late list (last list here)! Here are five highlights in my life right now:

1. Japanese cast iron teapotcast_iron_teapot_DSC04508I’ve been on a tea kick lately, and our Japanese teapot (like the one here) is a perfect vessel for loose leaf creations. The cast iron keeps the tea warm for quite some time, and the pot makes enough for a refill cup! No joke, I actually just poured myself some tea and am drinking it as a I type this.

2. Blogger friends.This week I got to meet up with Anne, Chelsea, Meaghan, and Allison for sweat-tastic workouts. Without living in blog land, I would have never met these lovely ladies! (ps – if you want to meet some DC bloggers/fitness enthusiasts, too, come to the Active Life DC fitness-focused happy hour!)

3. House of Cards

Anthony and I just started season 2, and are officially hooked. As DC dwellers, it’s really fun to watch the stories set in our city (but apparently filmed mostly in Baltimore, haha).

4. (Speaking of which) Baltimore!IMG_2181I’ve been to Charm City twice in the past month and hold a special place for Baltimore in my heart. The city is a bit different (in a good way, mostly!) a lot since I lived there five years ago, and it’s fun to explore old places/running routes to see how everything’s changed. And it’s even more fun to hang out with old friends like nothing has changed.P1010676

5. Hills (A love/hate favorite)IMG_2259I’ve been doing weekly hill workouts all winter, and though I basically hated each one, it felt pretty awesome to beat my hill record the other day and smash my ten-mile PR earlier this week. I guess all those inclines finally paid off! Locals, here are some of my favorite hills in the area: Iwo Jima (take your pick, there are about 3 short hills in this area); Custis trail (just about anywhere, especially closer to Rosslyn); 13th and W NW; Meridian Hill; The Zoo; Calvert St Bridge to Rock Creek Park; Wisconsin/Macomb up to the Cathedral. Have fun.

And now, it’s time to tackle this muffin and embrace the weekend :) Have a good one!

  • Favorite Dunkin’ Donuts item?
  • Hardest workout you’ve done this week?
  • Tell me one of your favorite things of late!

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10 thoughts on “back to track + 5 favorites of late

  1. I did a really hard 4 mile speedwork workout this week but i wasn’t nearly as fast as you! And my half marathon is this week! Aaah! I’m nervous/ excited! Any last minute tips?

  2. Working out with a trainer early Tuesday mornings is my favorite of late. I hate getting up so early, my trip to the gym is so cold, but I’m always so glad I did it!

    You didn’t list your new haircut as a favorite of late. I think its adorable!

  3. Good seeing you on the trails today! Hope you had a nice run!

    And favorite item at Dunkin Donuts … DEF the salted caramel hot chocolate. Best way to recover after way too many miles :)