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dark streets and a big pizza all to myself

Hi team! Happy Saturday! Mine started at 4:10 am, which is the perfect weekend wake-up time, let me tell you 😉

After I chugged some coffee, put on ten layers of clothes (it’s 20 degrees today) and tried to forget what exactly I was doing, I headed out the door a bit before 5 am. The cons of running this early: it’s really freaking early. The pros: you can run in the dead center of the street.IMG_2325I made my way from Georgetown all the way up to Woodley Park!IMG_2328My destination was the Omni Hotel, where I had a group of runners waiting for me! The American Academy of Ophthalmology is in DC this week, and their team reached out to DC Road Runners to see if we’d lead a group on a 5k fun run today.

My fellow co-leader and I led a group of about ten runners/walkers through some stretches in the hotel lobby, and then headed out! I took about five runners on an easy loop to Dupont Circle and through Rock Creek Park. On the way, I pointed out some DC landmarks and recommended some good restaurants for them to eat at tonight. It was fun being a running tour guide!

At the end, one of the ophthalmologists took this really blurry photo of my group. Maybe he should prescribe himself some glasses.IMG_2330At this point I’d covered about 7 miles, so I said my goodbyes and headed out on the rest of my journey, which finally included some sun.IMG_2331I knew that if I ran some city streets on March 1 (when people’s leases might be ending!) I’d spot some street furnitureIMG_2332(the sign says “FREE”)

Big beautiful sun.IMG_2335I was feeling pretty good until I reached the Monument (about mile 15). Then my body was like “you did a sprint workout less than 24 hours ago and ate a whole pizza less than 10 hours ago” (pizza pictures coming at the end of the post, don’t worry), so I started to lose momentum a bit.IMG_2337Luckily a few other runners were out by this point to inspire me, and the blue skies kept my spirits high!IMG_2338I finally made it home. About 18 miles (I forgot to use my Garmin for a few miles) done!

One last note about this run: I tried these Cytomax “energy drops” and found them quite delicious. I’m usually more of a liquid person over gummies, but they were sort of fun to chew! (I received a ton of them as part of my Zooma Annapolis ambassadorship)IMG_2341And now some pizza, as promised:ghibellina_dc_pizza_P1010735and a cocktail!ghiabellina_dc_04080-001Anthony and I joined some past/current coworkers for happy hour-turned-dinner (aka story of my life) last night at Ghibellina. We loved this restaurant so much last time we went, we had to come back for more!

Pizza chef in the back is jealous of my husband who is a ladies’ man.P1010737Now it’s time to get my nap on. Have a great weekend!

  • Last pizza you ate? Tell me toppings, crust type, details.
  • Earliest time in the morning you’ve ever ran?
  • Ever taken something free off the street?

5 thoughts on “dark streets and a big pizza all to myself

  1. Dang, 4:10 am! I was up at 4:45 for a group run today, but the earliest I’ve ever gotten up to run (not race) was probably 4:30. My rule of thumb is that I can get up if the first number is a 4, but not a 3.
    The last pizza I ate was from Pizza Hut (classy, I know)–with chicken, green peppers, and pineapple that were probably all from a can. Yours almost looks as good 😉

  2. Thank you for spelling ophthalmologist correctly! 😉 (my dad is one…)

    Earliest run – you don’t want to know. Really, you don’t.

    No pizza for me – stupid diabetes. 😛 I eat it very infrequently, and I believe the last attempt was a homemade Mediterranean one that was pretty good.