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boring run, burgers, and a board game

Hey there! How’s the weather? It’s a big snow day in DC.
I wish I could have been running in this wintery beauty, but the streets are way too slick. Time for the treadmill. Maybe if I put this photo in black and white it will look more interesting…IMG_23477.1 miles is sort of an annoying distance to cover (for all of you type-A mile trackers), but since I’ve been working with a running coach I typically run for time, not distance. I think the reasoning behind this is that a time-set run (not a distance-set run) accounts for changes in terrain/weather as well as changes in your physical state.

So, for example, if it’s 100 degrees out and I’m running up a mountain, I’ll probably only cover 5 miles in 60 minutes (assuming I don’t just quit and stop for froyo instead). If it’s 50 degrees and I’m on a flat track, I could cover 8 miles in 60 minutes. And both workouts would be okay.  If I was running for distance and had to cover 8 miles in both scenarios, running up the mountain would probably kill me and the two workouts wouldn’t be comparable… or at least that’s how I think of it. You can read what Runner’s World has to say about time vs. distance here.

The treadmill numbed my brain this morning so I’m blanking out on a creative topic transition.

So: Burgers!poblano_burger_DSC0032Catherine and her boyfriend came over last night for a celebratory feast (she just crushed the El Paso Marathon in 3:30 and aged a year!). Anthony and I tried out this chile relleno burger recipe and thought it was pretty tasty. The poblano peppers give each bite a smoky, spicy kick!poblano_burger_DSC0030I made a big ole’ salad on the side:simple_salad_DSC0028Has anyone tried baby heirloom tomatoes? I think they beat out regular baby tomatoes in taste and texture. Pretty controversial stuff, you guys.simple_salad_DSC0027We finished off the night with some of Catherine’s homemade chocolate cupcakes…chocolate_cupcake_DSC0039AND an entertaining game of Clue: Office Edition. Our murder mystery answer: Jim, with the Paper Roll, in the Accounting Office. DRAMA. _DSC0034Have a fabulous week!

  • Favorite board game?
  • Favorite type of tomato?
  • Favorite…. office character?

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  1. Thanks for the insight on time vs. distance workouts. My training schedule for the Nashville Half only mentions distance, so I’ve been running it on flat terrain to keep my time down/motivation up. Guess it’s time to cut myself some slack on the time and mix in some hills!