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spinach-calamari stew + sock updates

Here is how I feel about the weather right now:IMG_2359Another day on the old dreadmill! At least today’s workout was a short one: 5-minute warm-up, followed by 25 minutes at a 7:04 pace. Shakira station on Pandora powering me through.
While I waited for Anthony to wrap up his gym routine, I did a 15-minute NTC ab workout. I’ve spent more than 1,000 minutes of my life with this app. Not sure how I feel about that.IMG_2360
I’ll tell you how I feel about my left foot, though. On our walk home from the gym I noticed a stingy blister-like sensation and thought, “Hmm, how could I have a blister? I’m wearing my super amazing Brooks and Balega socks, both of which are perfect.”
AND then I discovered this! Looks like I wore my Balega’s little heart out.
Because I just bombarded you with a dirty sock photo, let’s move on to something a bit more appealing…

A delicious seafood dinner!calamari_spinach_tomato_stew_DSC0003Anthony’s sister recently gifted us a Mediterranean diet recipe book, which is full of simple and healthy meals. We were intrigued by this calamari-spinach-tomato stew and thought we’d give it a try. YOLO.calamari_spinach_tomato_stew_DSC0013I have limited (i.e., no) experience cooking squid.  I talked over the big purchase with the seafood guy at the store and ended up buying a mix of “tubes” as well as “tentacles” for extra squid-y entertainment.

The result was pretty good! The stew was light yet hearty, with a great tomato flavor.calamari_spinach_tomato_stew_DSC0007Although I’ll always love squid in fried, crispy, dip-me-in-marinara-and-pair-me-with-a-beer form, it worked pretty well in a healthy stew, too! I thought it might be gross and chewy, but it wasn’t weird at all.calamari_spinach_tomato_stew_DSC0008We had to serve it with our Octopus napkins, of course :)calamari_spinach_stew_DSC0010Stay warm out there, friends!

  • Favorite Pandora station?
  • Is it snowing in your hood right now?
  • Have you ever cooked squid?

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10 thoughts on “spinach-calamari stew + sock updates

  1. they look “fancy,” but that’s just the candles and napkins that make them look nice 😉 this recipe is actually 6 ingredients (squid, tomato, spinach, onion, rice, parsley) plus salt, pepper, and olive oil. took about 20 minutes to make!

  2. Looks like a yummy dinner! Just wanted to tell you that I ran my first half marathon on Sunday! My time was 2:08:58! Im thrilled! Now I just can’t wait to break 2:00! :)

  3. Hi Mary! Love your blog, even though I run like a Corgi (and likely will for years to come). That stew looks delicious- could you post the full recipe?