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snow is better than sand(wiches)

Snow, I won’t let you stop me anymore.DSC04515I couldn’t imagine running inside again today, so I layered up and headed outside for a slightly slippery run…DSC04518Being slowed and stopped by snow can be pretty discouraging, but today I tried to cheer myself up by remembering that snow running is bad, but not nearly as bad as sand running. Remember when I attempted to jog on the beach over our honeymoon? Fail.

At least I had a good tan though…3-DSC03667Anyways, back to the present. Despite the chill, it’s actually quite pretty out there.DSC04521I only covered about 5 miles — I’m saving all my tough runs for the end of the week, when hopefully the terrain will permit faster and longer runs?DSC04519Speaking of the end of the week — any recommendations for things to do in Boston?! Anthony and I are heading that way soon.

Which means we’re saving up for big meals at the end of the week, too. We’ve been keeping it pretty low-key the past few days with sandwiches. Plus maybe a glass of wine.turkey_panini_DSC0019“Low key” isn’t really possible when Anthony is in charge of the panini press, though — he is the sandwich master around here and takes his job very seriously.

Turkey, pesto, mozzerella, tomato, roasted peppers, and spinach. Melted on the inside, crisp on the outside!turkey_panini_DSC0021We always keep some frozen broccoli on hand to steam up when we need a veggie in a hurry. “Veggie in a hurry” — sounds like a great band name to me.turkey_panini_DSC0024Speaking of veggies, I’ve got a salad recipe coming to you later today… see you soon!

  • Boston recommendations?
  • Locals: Have you been running in this snowy mess?
  • Tell me about the best sandwich you ever ate…. 

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7 thoughts on “snow is better than sand(wiches)

  1. Two great bakery recommendations for Boston: Mike’s Pastry in the North End for cannoli and Flour Bakery (there are several locations). For pizza, my husband and I swooned over the sausage pizza at Regina Pizza (several locations). Max Brenner is famous for their chocolate desserts (including a chocolate pizza!)–I plan to visit for the first time when I’m in Boston next month. Hope you have a great trip.

    • Noted! I think pizza might have just been added to the agenda – thanks for the suggestions!

  2. That sandwich looks so yummy! May have to invest in a panini maker. No running outside for me! I am too much of a wimp. May venture out tomorrow. Forecast for this weekend looks spectacular. Sorry no suggestions for Boston. Haven’t been there in years. I guess it is time to take a trip;).

  3. I live in Northern MN. It was finally above zero degrees the other day so I went for a run outside. What a hot mess that was with 5 feet snow (no joke) piled up on the sides of roads, side walks, running spaces.

  4. If you’re going to be in Boston you have to run along the Charles! It’s mandatory I think. The paths are all actually in pretty good shape (at least the ones closer to Boston, not sure how snowy it gets when you get closer to Watertown). http://bostonrunner.com/charles.htm. The BU bridge to Longfellow bridge is definitely my favorite section. a nice section to add on is along the Commonwealth ave mall to the public garden.

    Copley Sq/Newbury St in the back bay has lots of shopping, historic landmarks (boston public library, trinity church) and the Boston marathon finish line and Bolyston St marathon sports store – must sees in my opinion!

    If you’re looking for carbs of any variety (pizza, pasta, pastry) definitely hit the North End, you really can’t go wrong anywhere there. also try Neptune Oyster for the rawbar.

    I could go on and on, Boston <3. have a blast!