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speed work, salute your shorts, and sweet and sour chicken

Morning! (And sorry for the delay — a few server issues this morning).

Wish I had a pretty photo for you, but the most beautiful sight of my indoor workout today was just my hot pink shoes… so here they are.IMG_2365Since the track by my apartment is still covered in ice :( , I finally had to give in and move my track workout to the treadmill. My coach preaches that outdoor track workouts are far superior than treadmill track workouts, and since I soak up all of his advice like a sponge (anyone remember Sponge from Salute Your Shorts?), I feel the same way.

4×200 at a 5:43 pace; 3×400 at a 5:56 pace; 4×200 at a 5:43 pace. 1-2 minute rest between each rep. PS this pace calculator and this treadmill pace converter are gold. And this nail polish is also gold (well, actually blue).IMG_2363One last fitness-related thing: I did a chin up AND a pull up the other day!chinupsAnd learned how to do a proper push up, thanks to the guidance of fitness and CrossFit expert Andrea Ferry (she teaches at CF Metro Center).2014-02-027I wrote an article for Active Life DC about the experience — you can read it here!

Other than my fitness date, though, things around here have been pretty quiet. Anthony is in Boston, so I dined solo last night.sweet_sour_stir_fry_DSC0062I made a simple stir fry with chicken, bell peppers, ginger, and garlic. Topped with some Whole Foods 365 sweet and sour sauce (that stuff is good!) and served over a brown rice/grain medley blend.

Served steaming hot!sweet_sour_stir_fry_DSC0068 Paired with an episode of The Wrong Mans, one of my new Hulu favorites (Hulu doesn’t show Salute Your Shorts, unfortunately)sweet_sour_stir_fry_DSC0075Let’s get a move on this day! I’m ready for the weekend please.

  •  Any Salute Your Shorts fans out there?
  • Do you cook for one often?
  • Track work on the treadmill: yay or nay?

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12 thoughts on “speed work, salute your shorts, and sweet and sour chicken

    • i used to throw raw, 100% frozen chicken breasts in a pan and cut them up with kitchen scissors until they were little cubes cooked to death. love college

  1. I’ve been doing all my speedwork on the treadmill too lately – luckily though I’ve just made it all long repeats like miles or half miles so I don’t have to mess with the pace too much. I just found somewhere with an indoor track though so I’m going to give that a try soon!

    • yeah, i rarely do sprints this short, which made it fun! i wish i had an indoor track nearby — not enough space in dc!

  2. Wow you can do a chin up and a pushup? That awesome! I’m trying to work my way up to doing full push ups on the floor. I don’t mind doing track work on treadmill, it’s just those easy runs I hate doing on there because it just seems so boring!

    • just barely! and just one of each :). the trainer andrea had a bunch of modifications to help build your way up!

  3. When I cook for one (i.e. almost every day), the fanciest I get is a crock pot. I’ve never done repeats shorter than half a mile on a treadmill, but your workout looks pretty hardcore (and fast!)

    • my middle name is crockpot. it was fast! but a 200m takes like less than a minute so not as bad as it sounds :)