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half the battle + a quick tip

Hey there! It’s grey and glum outside — I really struggled to get out the door and make it to a 6 am Body Pump class. When I arrived at the gym, this sign made me smile! Particularly true today.IMG_2370Tossing around some weights to Kelly Clarkson was a nice change from the usual silent runs. This class (which I’d never been to before) was packed with people and super high-energy! Definitely woke me (and my triceps) up.

This is where I usually show you something I cooked, but today I’ll show you what LEAH cooked! She hosted Miriam and me over for dinner last night and made an incredible balsamic chicken-veggie creation — I think this is her recipe?_DSC0003We had rice and a beautiful salad on the side — salad made by and posed with Miriam 😉_DSC0001Not only are these two great running buddies, but they are also great eating buddies. Which makes them best buddies.

I brought dessert — fresh fruit and homemade whipped cream!_DSC0006Tip of the day: make your own whipped cream (here’s a recipe). It’s 500% better than store-bought.

And with that, I have to go! See you from Boston!

  • What’s something you think is waaaay better homemade than store bought?
  • Earliest fitness class you’ve ever been to?
  • Tips for stuff to do/eat in Boston?!

11 thoughts on “half the battle + a quick tip

  1. Homemade vegetable soup is way better than store bought. More flavor and less salt. Love to put in butternut squash

  2. Homemade peanut butter! I just throw my peanuts in the vitamin and oh my goodness it’s so warm and delicious! I never buy store bought peanut butter! Or almond butter for that matter!