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boston part 1

Hello from Bean Town! I’ve been hanging out here since Friday afternoon and it’s been quite a trip so far. My first adventure: traveling from the airport into Cambridge on the T, which was a surprisingly easy and 100% free ride. Nice job, Boston.
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When I arrived in Cambridge, my first order of business was LUNCH. Yelp directed me to the Second Street cafe, where I had lovely soup/salad combo. 2nd_st_cafe_boston_DSC0009I hung out there for a while, reading and waiting for Anthony to finish class (he’s here doing a business course at MIT). Side note: Has anyone read The Corrections? I’m plugging away at it and not sure what I think so far…

Anthony finished around 5 pm — just in time for happy hour! We put on our walking shoes (not really, I was wearing really uncomfortable but totally cute boots) and headed out on stroll toward Central Square. How cool is this building BTW?_DSC0018After about a mile and a half, we reached our destination: Green Street bar!green_st_boston__DSC0029My friend Miriam had suggested this spot, which looks divey on the outside…green_st_boston__DSC0032But serves some swanky cocktails inside! I got a “Phill’s Phizz,” which had extra ginger-y ginger beer, lemon, whiskey, and bitters. It had a delicious spicy-sweet kick that burns the throat in a hurts-so-good way.green_st_boston_DSC0034After we’d finished refueling, we tackled a few more blocks to get to our next Yelp-ed destination: The Plough and Stars. This cute cafe/bar had a really cozy environment and awesome eats, too.

We started off with some appetizers (that I’m not showing because this post already has like 25 food photos) and then went for roasted turkey skewers (aka Thanksgiving on a stick)._DSC0051The turkey was really good — but the truffle-and-broccoli-stuffed mac ‘n’ cheese stole the show!_DSC0053We were feeling pretty full and pretty funny at this point.2014-03-07Great night out! Anthony and my Yelp app were the perfect dates :)

More to come — including a long run and more food, of course — when I’ve got more time to sit down! Catch you soon.

  • Boston recommendations?
  • Anyone read The Corrections?
  • Favorite cocktail?


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7 thoughts on “boston part 1

  1. I don’t usually get cocktails, but my go-to is a simple gin and tonic (I’m not that classy)

    I am moving to Boston in August, and I can’t wait to explore the city and find some good food!

  2. Veggie galaxy or life alive are two of my favorite healthy picks! Max brenners for dessert definitely! Ohhh and faniuel hall / Quincy market where there are options for basically everything! I also think the “body worlds” exhibit is still on display there… If you haven’t seen it it’s pretty neat! Running wise, if you’ve got a long run in mind you can’t go wrong with heading out along the Charles. Minuteman bikeway is a fun path for running it biking and it’s snow free they keep it plowed!