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a few words and a thousand food photos about my Boston weekend

Greetings from DC again! The weekend’s quick trip to Boston was packed with running, walking, fun, and food — let’s see if I can fit it all in to one post?!

On Saturday morning Anthony and I layered up (obnoxious mittens included) for a snowy yet sunny run.DSC04531We ventured along the Charles river, taking in the Boston scenery and loving this long, flat trail!DSC04528Anthony’s stunning left shoulder + the infamous Citgo sign (a landmark along the Boston Marathon route —  I ran it back in 2011).DSC04527This also made me smile (I have a thing for street items).DSC04524A couple of you have asked for a post on how Anthony and I met (on my list…) but did you know that our first date was a run? Still one of our favorite dates. AWWWWwwwwwww.DSC0453511 miles done and done!DSC04537After our outing we got the day going by meeting up with Dave (Anthony’s best man and our Bintan buddy!) for a stroll and lunch._DSC0072After quite a quest to find a spot without a wait, we ended up popping in Mike & Patty’s in the Back Bay area (where we still had to wait 30 minutes for a sandwich?!)mike_and_pattys_boston_DSC0075Since the shop was so tiny, we took our food back to Dave’s hotel. My upscale grilled ham-and-cheese was incredible! (I was also starving so anything would have tasted amazing at this point)mike_and_pattys_boston_DSC0077Followed by more walking around town and a trip to the Sam Adams Brewery!sam_adams_brewery_boston_DSC0079

The brewery tour was pretty neat. Can anyone name the four main ingredients in beer?sam_adams_brewery_boston_DSC0086Water, hops, malted barley, and yeast. What an educational blog I have.

During the tour we also learned that Boston tap water is an essential part of the Sam Adams recipe — so the brewers have to chemically alter the water in their non-Boston brewery locations to make sure it’s identical. Talk about dedication.sam_adams_brewery_boston_DSC0090We learned a lot more, and then forgot it all when we sampled a few beers at the end of the tour.sam_adams_brewery_boston_DSC0096After a hard day of running, eating, and drinking, we capped it all off with more eating and drinking (right?!). Some of Dave’s friends met us at Bricco, a lovely Italian spot in the North End.

The food was amazing — Anthony and I shared the fish special of the night and a big bowl of ricotta ravioli. I even have beautiful photos to share, but for the sake of time and stomach space, let’s just move on to the group photo at the end. What a crew!_DSC0113Next up was a comedy show at Improv Asylum. I remember it being quite funny, and then remember dozing off… oops. #oldlady

Up bright and early for more action on Sunday. Lotsa walking — this time around Harvard Square!_DSC0133Harvard has a pretty beautiful campus — even when it’s grey and snowy outside._DSC0137My life would not be complete without…new_dong_vietnamese_boston__DSC0122PHO.new_dong_vietnamese_boston__DSC0126Yelp, once again, directed us to a winning meal. It’s a little gem in Chinatown called New Dong. Yep!new_dong_vietnamese_boston_DSC0115Because 100 pounds of pho apparently didn’t fill us up, we decided to eat dinner at the end of the day. Live music and good food called us from The Beehive!the_beehive_boston__DSC0148This was an awesome spot — good food and good music in a cozy, rustic atmosphere. The blues band of the night was quite a hit — but not as much as Anthony’s burger.the_beehive_boston__DSC0151My dish was a simple, incredibly fresh salad topped with spicy blackened salmon. Really good._DSC0152And because I’m half Czech, we ordered a round of pierogies to share. Just like Grandma’s! :)the_beehive_boston_DSC0146On last photo together before the weekend adventures came to a close:_DSC0157I feel full and exhausted just recapping this weekend, so I’m not sure how I actually did it! Thanks for hosting me, Boston (and thanks to all the readers/friends/Yelpers who helped us navigate the city!).  That was fun.

  • Last weekend trip you went on?
  • Where are your ancestors from?
  • First date of you and your significant other?

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7 thoughts on “a few words and a thousand food photos about my Boston weekend

  1. So last weekend trip that I went on was actually this past weekend – we went to an island off the coast of South Carolina and had an amazing time.

    I’m actually first generation American, so my parents are from the Caribbean – my mother is Haitian and my father is Trinidadian. It’s safe to assume that on my mother’s side, we hail from a french-occupied nation in Africa, and on my dad’s side, we have a nice spanish mix.

    Finally, Austin and I met while we were both in grad school, and we were both working at the gym at NC State. We fell in love at the gym! Our first date was at this little hipster spot in DT Raleigh :)

  2. Such a blast! I’ve never been to Boston and I have this very idealized image of it being the city I belong in. Part of me never wants to visit because I don’t want to be disappointed!

    Last weekend trip was up to NYC. I don’t love love the city, but my brother and SIL live there, so we always have fun. Plus now that we live in D.C. it’s much easier to pop in than when we were in ol’ Missouri!

  3. Sounds like an awesome weekend! I love seeing a city on foot.

    On a totally unrelated note… I sort of love the jacket Anthony is wearing in that picture with Dave. Who makes it / do you know the style? I think Bren would love it!