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city-to-city sunrises + my new favorite water bottle

Good morning from DC…IMG_2386all the way to Boston (photo courtesy of Anthony, who also went for a run this morning) !Boston_runToday is a lovely warm-weather day and I “celebrated” the seasonal temps by hitting the track. One more sunrise shot:IMG_2388So pretty!

My coach scheduled one last speed workout before my half marathon this weekend — so I was eager to check it off my list and start resting up for race day.IMG_2389I’ve been asked a couple times for more glorious, nerdy details about my track workouts, so here’s the breakdown of what I did today:

  • {warm-up = 1.75 mile jog to track + dynamic track drills (yes, you must do them with Kenyan accent too)}
  • Four 200m = 0:41 + 1:02 rest; 0:41 + 1:02 rest; 0:41 +1:08 rest; 0:41 +1:15 rest
  • Three 400m = 1:27+ 1:33 rest; 1:28 +1:31 rest; 1:28 + 1:31 rest;
  • Four 200m = 0:41 + 1:00 rest; 0:41 + 1:02 rest; 0:41 + 1:01 rest; 0:42
  • {cool down = easy jog 1.75 miles home}

Such short, speedy sprints were tough but really fun! The goal was to be consistent in both rep times (which were supposed to be 42-43 seconds for 200m; 89-90 seconds for 400m) and rest times (up to 1:30 for 200m, up to 2 min for 400m), so I think I did an okay job.IMG_2392I don’t have any food to share with you guys today (GASP), but I do have a drink!IMG_2391I’ve been carrying around this water bottle lately (which was given to me as part of my Zooma ambassadorship) and absolutely love it. It’s part of the Ultimate Direction “Jenny” (As in Jenny Jurek, Scott Jurek’s wife) line, which is specifically targeted to women. I don’t know if this water bottle is more “womanly” than a regular non-gendered water bottle, but it is perfectly lovely.

It’s light, formed to my hand, and effortless to carry. Way better than trying to carry a normal water bottle or my Camelback belt bottles, which are bulky and hard to hold on to! I even toted this little guy (well, girl) around through the airport etc. during my weekend trip.
My only note about the bottle is that the nozzle is too stubborn to push down with your teeth — you have to use your hand to close it. This is sort of a good thing, though, because it makes the bottle extra leak-proof :).

And here’s a discount to end your day: Snag this bottle — or any Ultimate Direction item — for 20% off with the code ZoomaUD20 !

  • What sort of hydration pack/belt/bottle do you use?
  • Tell me the details of your speed workout!
  • What were you doing when the sun rose today?

And instead of articles, today I bring you upcoming events:

8 thoughts on “city-to-city sunrises + my new favorite water bottle

  1. I’m a ZOOMA Chicago Ambassador so I can’t wait to get that water bottle!! I’ve never carried one in a run before, but after this winter of always being on the treadmill with my water right in front of me, it would be nice to always have water available on my outdoor runs too.

  2. I just did a speed workout today. Did 6x400s in my neighborhood.

    For hydration, I use a amphipod belt on my long runs. I usually carry only 2-3 bottles, but I bought the 4-bottle belt. Just in case I lose one!

  3. That track looks really nice.
    I use a water belt but will go soo out of my way to avoid wearing it. I’ve never tried carrying one in my hand. Do you feel off balance with it only in one hand?