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a good run and a so-so read

I couldn’t wait to catch the sunrise this morning (even though that means I have to schedule my run a bit later — thanks, daylight savings!)DSC04546It was a good one.DSC04548Just some quiet solo miles along the Mall. My last real run before my race this weekend! Wahoo!

The only bad thing I can say about this beautiful run is that I wore a crappy pair of socks that kept slipping down past my heels every mile or so. Isn’t that THE WORST?! Life is hard.DSC04556I hope you make it outside for some sort of activity today — the warm weather is great! (Even if it rains, as the cloudy skies indicate…)

In other news, Leah continues to feed me great meals (she cooked for me last week, too… I know how to pick good friends).DSC04541She whipped up a quiche, and I brought some carrots and homemade hummus.DSC04542And the rest of the Book Club girls brought WINE! And books.DSC04539Has anyone read The Corrections? Our group had very mixed opinions on it, with scores (1-10) ranging from 2 to 9! I gave it a 6. Well written, but way too wordy (I’m on board with this blogger’s review — especially regarding the turd scene? Ha.)

Like the book or hate the book, I’ll always love the club! :)DSC04544Have a great day!

  • Last book you read?
  • Anyone racing this weekend?
  • Are you in any clubs/organizations?

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9 thoughts on “a good run and a so-so read

  1. Are you running Rock and Roll this weekend?? GOOD LUCK! I may run a 5K near my house. Haven’t decided yet though…..I haven’t trained specifically for it, but I haven’t ran one in a couple years and it’s local so might as well see where I’m at.

    I just started The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I’m late to the game on that one.