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popsicles and kettlebells

Hello and happy Friday! I’m resting up for my race tomorrow — but still have some running-related stories to share :). First, I got to meet a ton of my other favorite DC-area running/fitness/foodie bloggers last night at Active Life DC‘s fitness community happy hour:DSC04565(Gold star to Sophie for doing the sorority girl squat with me.)

We kept things “healthy” with beer and chips galore 😉IMG_2414Hours talking of everything from Bluehost to boot camp? Pretty fun times.

After the happy hour, the DC Fit Crasher and I grabbed some delicious fare at Pleasant Pops — which I haven’t been to in forever (June 11, 2012, to be exact)!DSC04567I hate to say this, but my kale/apple/squash salad was just so-so.DSC04568My partner and popsicle got a 10/10, though! (I got one home to Anthony, too — it made for torturous tempting company on the ride home)DSC04572Speaking of the Fit Crasher, remember when we went to CenterPointe studio together a while back? Well, I returned the other day for some more functional fitness fun.VD1A2636_eThis time I got to try out a kettlebell class — which I’ve never done! Although I did a fair few kettlebell swings in my CrossFit days, my experience with them since has been pretty limited. I was excited to learn how powerful these little weights can be!

Our instructor Chris was pretty awesome. He carefully led us through each movement, and modified exercises to meet our strengths. He also played some awesome 90s music.

For more complicated movements, we started without weights and then incorporated the kettle bells after. VD1A2638_eWe did a number of crazy kettlebell motions — everything from walking lunges to cleans and Turkish get-ups!

Nothing brings out a smile more than a good old strength session…VD1A2665_e
Overall, I found the class really fun and definitely different than your typical boot camp/spin class/CrossFit workout. I had no idea you could do so many movements with a single kettle bell — thanks for opening my eyes (and shredding my quads), CenterPointe!VD1A2800_eAnd thanks for hosting me and advancing my fitness model career ;). You can check out CenterPointe’s website here and a full review of the class here.

And now it’s time for the madness to begin! My to-do list is unusually long for a Friday — but it ends with a big bowl of pre-race pasta, so that can’t be so bad :)

  • Have you ever done a kettle bell class?
  • Popsicles, ice cream, sorbet, or gelato?
  • What other DC-area blogs do you follow?

17 thoughts on “popsicles and kettlebells

  1. I can’t believe that I missed the picture AND Pops! Pops is one of my favorite neighborhood gems–they have a brussel sprout salad that I inhale every time I get it.

    It was so great meeting you last night!

    • you too! pleasant pops was actually out of the sprouts salad or else i would have gotten it! hope your race went well!