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wine + cheese = half marathon PR

Another PR in the books!
Two thumbs up for the Rock ‘n’ Roll USA half marathon. Other than a killer hill at mile 6, this was an awesome race.

The morning started off at early o’clock, when I rolled out of bed and went straight to meet Anne at the metro. Usually I wake up a good hour or so before I leave for a run — but yesterday I sacrificed my routine for an extra hour of sleep (Anthony and I hosted a dinner party the night before the race and got to bed around 12:30 a.m… oops)

Anne got us extra-special access to Brooks’s VIP porta potties. Real doors, running water, complimentary energy chews — what a luxury! Thanks, Anne!IMG_2421I was still half asleep when I made it to the start line (I hadn’t had any coffee and was still recovering from one too many glasses of wine). Still, I was happy to be out and running — the weather was perfect and the race energy was high.rock_n_roll_dc_marathon_IMG_2423And then we were off! I didn’t stop to take any photos during the race because I was gunning it — though I did have to stop once and tie my shoe, which is the worst. Luckily I am pretty fast at the double-knot 😉

I was aiming for 7:25/min miles. After I saw my first mile split, I realized I better pick it up — and then picked it up a bit too much! My pace was sort of all over the place during this race, but I just went with it. Around mile 8 I realized I could really crush my PR, so I started to “empty the tank.” That is crazy talk for “shred every muscle and let your body go numb.”
The Calvert St. hill (mile 6-7) was definitely the toughest part of the course — but after mile 10, it was pretty smooth sailing. I love a good downhill finish.Capture15

I also ran into my friend Allison at mile 12, and we crossed the finish line seconds apart! She helped me run the Marine Corps Marathon, too — basically, she’s my race angel.IMG_2424
Official finish time: 1:36:34 (7:22 min/mile average) — about two minutes faster than my previous PR! That felt pretty good.

And also pretty bad, thanks to a late night beforehand (which was totally worth it!).2014-03-14Anthony and I hosted a group of his co-workers over for dinner, a lot of wine, and a rowdy game of Cards Against Humanity.

We kicked off the eve with some maple-bourbon cocktails…orange_bourbon_cocktail_DSC0087The moved on to massive quantities of cheese, olives, and meats that our guests brought over!_DSC0091Since we had a vegetarian in the group, I went for a salad on the heartier side  — goat cheese, dried cranberries, roasted squash, red onion, apple, sunflower seeds, and quinoa. I know it’s almost spring, but I guess I was feeling fall flavors?salad_DSC0094Anthony stuck to his Italian roots and made chicken rollatini and roasted rosemary potatoes. Yum!_DSC0109Another Skinnytaste recipe for the win!

Plus dessert. Homemade whipped cream, strawberries, and some crushed-up chocolate animal crackers :)_DSC0118I’m not so sure this was the best pre-race meal, but apparently it worked! Looks like I’ll have to load up on wine, cheese, and whipped cream before every run from now on. It’s going to be a difficult task…

Have a great rest of your weekend!

  • Did you race this weekend?
  • How early do you wake up before a race starts?
  • What’s your favorite board/card game?




25 thoughts on “wine + cheese = half marathon PR

  1. Congrats, Mary!! Great job the PR!

    I ran the full yesterday … Such a great race! I think I actually liked it more than MCM.

  2. Congrats on the PR! I’m sad I missed seeing you and Anne, but it was a fun race! I ended up with an unexpected PR as well – love it when that happens!