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five favorites of late: kitchen edition

Morning, friends! I’m heading to my mom’s kitchen in Nashville for the day, but am sharing some favorites from my DC kitchen before I leave…

1. Celestial Seasonings’s Cinnamon Apple Spice teacinnamon_apple_tea_DSC0023Anthony and I drink this tea at least a few nights a week — even though it’s sort of a fall-inspired flavor, we think it’s good year-round! The spicy cinnamon + apple is so sweet that you don’t even need to add sugar. It’s a herbal, caffeine-free blend too :)

2. Breville panini press (can’t find the exact model, but this one is similar)breville_panini_press_DSC0017Anthony is a sandwich artist and whips up some pretty perfect paninis in this bad boy. (Read here and here to see some of our melty, crispy creations!) Its removable plates are easy to clean, too!

3. Meat tenderizer2014-03-17
We have been literally pounding the meat tenderizer lately — like when Anthony made chicken rollatini the other night and when I made pistachio-crumbed chicken the other week. Smashing raw meat with a metal hammer can be sort of gross, but also sort of therapeutic if you have pent-up anger…

4. Trader Joe’s Inner Peastrader_joes_inner_peas_snack_DSC0003Snack attack central = these awesome little peas. Sort of crispy and salty like a chip — but in a much more fun (and healthy) form.

5. Whole Foods’s 365 Sweet and Sour Saucewhole_foods_sweet_sour_DSC0009
I don’t venture into Chinese territory too much when I cook, so I was a bit scared to attempt sweet and sour chicken the other night. This sauce saved me, though! It’s pretty tasty, not overpriced, and has a pretty simple ingredient list. I pan-cooked some chicken breasts, bell peppers, onion, and garlic; then I doused it all with a good pour of this stuff. Done!

Hope this post helped you think of more stuff you can stock your shelves with — let me know what gadgets/foods you’d recommend, too!

  • One question only: What kitchen item (food or appliance) have you been loving lately?

9 thoughts on “five favorites of late: kitchen edition

  1. As mentioned, the lemon juicer, banana slicer, muddler, food chopper/masher (?), coffee peculator AND immersion blender should be mentioned here, but they got bumped for some reason. Also note that many, if not all of these items were husband inspired.