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Hello, blog world! Quick trip to Nashville and a quick post before I hop on this plane back to DC. And — a quick track workout to kick off my day!IMG_2443I headed to dear old Brentwood High (my old school!) to do some laps this morning. It was pretty funny being back!

I did a dark warmup and then started sprinting to the sunrise.IMG_244714×200, with a 1:20 standing rest between each rep. Most of my sprints came in at 40 seconds (with a few at 41 — the wind was crazy strong today!)IMG_2448Some middle school kids showed up and ran with me too, which brought back a slew of school day memories. I actually joined the track team for three short months when I was a freshman in high school — and absolutely hated it! I also sucked at it. If I would have told my 16-year old self that I would be back voluntarily running 10 years later, I would have died laughing.

And today I basically died sprinting because my coach shaved two seconds off my goal time. Phew! IMG_2449-001Being back at my old stomping grounds was definitely fun — but the highlight of my trip was seeing my NEW niece! DSC04585She is pretty freaking cute, and a leopard-print onesie makes her officially the best baby in the world. She actually stopped crying for a bit while I held her and my dad snapped a quick flip phone (yes those still exist) photo:downsized_0318142045
Awwwwww. Let’s end with a big bowl of Thai food.DSC04577And it’s time to fly away again! See you from DC!

  • Do you have any nieces/nephews?
  • Favorite Asian cuisine?
  • Do you visit/see your old high school often?

6 thoughts on “track – baby – thai food

  1. Congratulations! Being an aunt is one of the greatest things in the world! Just wait til she says your name!

    I love Asian food. Can’t get enough sushi, pad thai, bibimbap, mmm. I’m getting hungry now!

  2. I love the onesie, it’s so adorable.
    200s on the track are probably one of my least favorite workouts so congrats on finishing it with the wind!