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coffee-topped run + indian cooking class

Dark day – bright shoes!IMG_2451I woke up extra-extra early today (though lately, I’m not even sure what “early” means) to trek to DC’s inner streets — where my running buddies awaited! Leah, Miriam, and I had a short and sweet run planned. IMG_2454The fog and humidity was insane this morning — I was cold yet hot, sweaty yet not? Weird. The Monument was stuck in a cloud…
After about four miles, we decided to cool down with some water, and then warm back up with coffee. IMG_2458Love these ladies. Thanks for the great run!

Good thing I got a large dose of caffeine this morning because the past 48 hours have been go, go, go. After I came home from Nashville yesterday, I hopped back on the metro to meet Anthony for a cooking class!
sur_la_table_indian_cooking_class_DSC0046Our friends Shane and Kristen got us a gift card to Sur La Table for our wedding — and we were happy to cash it in for an educational experience!
The 2.5-hour class covered a ton of Indian cooking basics — we learned some staple recipes, spices, cooking styles, and more. Plus, the chef taught us some cool knife tricks (like how to most efficiently cut onions, garlic, and herbs).

Our first creation was a mango-chile chutney, which we paired with some veggie and chickpea flour fritters. Anthony and I don’t joke around when it comes to deep frying, so this was right up our alley 😉 _DSC0065Tada! So yummy — and so fun to try chickpea flour!_DSC0075Next up was a veggie-based green curry, which featured coconut milk and a ton of interesting spices. While it simmered, we had a lovely chat with the couple next to us. Always fun to meet other foodies!indian_red_curry_DSC0079Cilantro and onions were key ingredients in almost every dish. I do love cilantro, but every time I pick and chop it I have flashbacks to when I was a waitress at Pei Wei ten years ago…_DSC0061Anyways. We finished our Indian education by grilling some yogurt- and lemon-marinated chicken strips on these cute little grills (what, grills can’t be cute?)_DSC0081Paired with some rice and insanely buttered chapati bread. _DSC0089Introducing the next Iron Chefs:_DSC0053Time for more coffee. See you soon!

  • Have you ever taken a cooking class?
  • Coffee: before a run, or after? (or both?!)
  • What color are your running shoes?

8 thoughts on “coffee-topped run + indian cooking class

  1. Yum, I love Indian food. I’ve always wondered what a cooking class at a store like SLT would be like – so they actually let you cook? That’s cool. I figured it would be more like a showcase and you could sample afterwards.

    It also doesn’t hurt that you get to use pretty Le Creuset pots :)

  2. Your friends have good wedding present ideas! I’ve never been to a cooking class..except for 8th grade home ec where I did NOT shine.
    My shoes are kind of princess-colored.

  3. I would LOVE to take a cooking class. I’ve seen tons of Groupons for them, perhaps I should make it a date night for me and the boy.

    I always have coffee before I run. I need it to wake up.