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we’re moving to nashville and eating lots of cake along the way

Here’s a big slice of cake. Cause for celebration? We’re MOVING to Nashville!blueberry_lemond_almond_flour_cake_DSC0002A few weeks ago, Anthony landed a new job (remember when we randomly went to Nashville? That was for his interview). And a few days ago, I got a new job too! He’ll be working in the auto sector, and I’ll be writing for an advertising agency. We feel very lucky and very blessed.

The best news, though? We get to hang out more with my Nashville-based family members! (Amy and Joe, I’m tempting you with cake and ice cream in this post to get you to move :) )IMG_1988We’re very excited about the big move and looking forward to exploring my hometown, which has changed a lot since I last lived there at 17 years old. To all my Brentwood/Nashville-based readers, feel free to leave suggestions on where to live, what to do, what to eat, and where to run in Nashvegas :)

Of course, we’re also very sad to leave DC. We’ve loved living here, working here, and making friends here (and running here, too!) — it’s going to be tough to say goodbye.

That’s all a lot to think about right now, so let’s just get back to the cake. blueberry_lemond_almond_flour_cake_DSC0006I wish I could say I was the brains behind this awesome almond flour-based creation — but all credit goes to this lemon cake and blueberry frosting recipe, from The Edible Perspective. It looked so good, I had to give it a try!blueberry_lemond_almond_flour_cake_DSC0012I’d never baked with almond flour before, and was pleasantly surprised with the result! The lemon cake was dense and nutty tasting; the blueberry whipped cream topping was light and just a tad sweet.blueberry_lemond_almond_flour_cake_DSC0017The original recipe is for cupcakes and uses all fresh berries — I made two small round cakes with a mix of fresh and frozen berries. I also subbed sugar for honey. And everything still turned out delicious!blueberry_lemond_almond_flour_cake_DSC0008… and since we’re packing up our things in a few short days, it looks like we’re going to have to eat this whole cake ASAP.

  • Nashville life tips?
  • When was the last time you moved?
  • Almond flour: yay or nay?

No news today — but LOTS of DC-based events for you!

26 thoughts on “we’re moving to nashville and eating lots of cake along the way

  1. Exciting news Mary! Congrats on the new jobs! Nashville has certainly grown over the years-Megan and I love it here, but it has gotten more expensive to live, especially close to downtown. Definitely check out east Nashville, 12 South, the Gulch and SoBro neighborhoods. Also, if you’re into beer (Megan and I’s favorite) there’s Yazoo, Black Abbey, Jackelope, TN Brew works, and Turtle Anarchy, all of which have great beer! Lots of great places around town-I’m sure y’all will enjoy exploring them. Good luck in the move!

    • thank you! yeah we’re pretty pumped. we’re thinking about east nashville or 12 south. and definitely up for beer :)

  2. Congrats on the new chapter in your life! Did you ever think you’d be back in Nashville? Once you’re there, let me know if you ever run into the set of “Nashville” – LOVE that show. :)

    • thank you! yeah, nashville was sort of in our long-term plan, but we just weren’t sure when. happy it happened when it did! and yes i plan on crashing the nashville set daily.

  3. exciting! I’ve been to nashville a few times but not enough to share any life tips. Maybe take up guitar and perform in cafes as a side job! πŸ˜‰

  4. Mary! This is great news! Let me know when the big move is. I suggest sylvan park or 12 south- both great for running too! Congrats- see y’all soon!

  5. AHH!! I can’t believe you’re moving here!! As for running suggestions, the list goes on and on, but I am a frequenter of Belle Meade Blvd., Percy Warner Park (the 5.8 is tough and hilly but feels great once you’re finished), and Vaughn’s Creek. There is an endless supply of good food here, but a couple of my favorites are Urban Grub, Fido (coffee), and Sweet Cece’s frozen yogurt for dessert! Best of luck with the move!

  6. CONGRATS!! That’s so awesome!! I just heard on a podcast the other day about how that’s such a great place to live. And also that famous people (like you) like it because there are so many famous people that live there, people don’t usually bother them. Haha. Happy for you!

  7. That cake looks amazing!! Congrats on the new job – will miss your DC based posts, but looking forward to your adventures in Nashville.

  8. Ahhh Nashville is the best!!! We love living here and never intend on leaving. Definitely try and live in 12south, Hillsboro/Belmont, sylvan park, west end areas! There is a fun running group in east Nashville called the East Nastys. The Wednesday night runs are a good time. Good
    Food: silly goose, fido, frothy monkey, husk, Mafiozas and many more!

  9. Nashville will be my love forever, everything is great there! And about that cake… it looks just delicious! I’m making these cupcakes from the recipe you linked to as soon as possible!! Thank you so much for sharing!