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Now that I’ve broken the news about the big move, we can return to our regularly scheduled programming. Run + recipe coming up!DSC04601My weekend kicked off with a glorious Friday run — great sunrise and great company! Anne and I chatted away and enjoyed the warmer weather.  IMG_1508Coolest sun view I’ve seen in a while. Oh so ORANGE! (or pink?)DSC04606Lovely short run. I’m going to miss my running buddy — but hope we can sneak in one last jog together before I go :)

But like I said, we have to stick to the program here. Food!italian_pork_tenderloin_DSC0007The other day I was Googling the heck out of sage and parsley recipes because we had some fresh herbs on hand. (FYI my meal planning technique: scour the fridge to see what foods we need to use up; Google all of these ingredients at once; pick the recipe that incorporates the most of these foods; close my eyes and hope for the best)

So. Enter this little number for Italian pork tenderloinitalian_pork_tenderloin_DSC0009which we served atop some simple polenta and paired with roasted asparagus. italian_pork_tenderloin_DSC0012I’d say this recipe deserves its 4.5-star rating — it was tasty and easy. If you happen to make it, I think you can cut the heavy cream down by about a half. We did, and thought it still came out delicious!

And that’s all I’ve got. Have a great weekend!


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  1. you should check out a great book called “the flavor bible.” you can look up an ingredient and it tells you great flavors and other ingredients that pair well with it. Love it!