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2 miles, 2 falafels

Sunday post is about when I ran in circles for 12 minutes and 54 seconds (exactly).DSC04613Yesterday was my coach’s famous Time Trials. He hosts the TTs twice a year (fall and spring) and uses the trainees’ two-mile sprint times as a base measure of fitness for the rest of the season. It’s a pretty big deal!

My goal time was to finish each lap in 1:36 — coming in at 12 minutes and 55 seconds total (a 6:27/min mile pace). The result:
It took me a few laps to find my groove, but I got there!

I was happy to hit my goal time, but also really proud that I was more consistent and far more focused than I was the last time I Time Trial’ed. It’s all in your head!DSC04614It was also motivating to be running alongside 24 other trainees — one of which was reader Amanda! (ps I really like her shirt — why aren’t all race tees so cool looking?)DSC04610Two miles isn’t a lot, but the speed definitely left me a little sore today! I’m glad to have 100% running-free Sunday.

(Actually, that’s not true — Anthony and I always underestimate the time it takes to get out the door and thus have to run 0.22 miles to the metro station almost daily)

I just spent five minutes trying to think of a track-to-falafel transition, but I got nothing.falafel_arugula_salad_DSC0008Weekend cooking adventure was this homemade falafel recipe (baked, not fried, as many reviewers suggested). It’s definitely a keeper!falafel_arugula_salad_DSC0004It was a simple mix (though I admit, a bit time-consuming to make) — just herbs, breadcrumbs, eggs, and chickpeas. We served ours atop arugula and a couscous/grain mix, and paired with chopped tomatoes in olive oil, salt, and pepper. A dill-cucumber yogurt sauce brought it all together.falafel_arugula_salad_DSC0006Very happy with this meatless meal — and definitely ready for a steak dinner tonight! Anthony and I are wrapping up the weekend with a date to world-famous Ray’s the Steaks this evening. Don’t worry, I’ll take pictures for you.

Enjoy the rest of your weeeeeeeeeeeekeeeeeend!

  • Do you do meatless Monday/Friday (any day?)
  • Last short-distance race you ran?
  • Recommendations for races with cool race tees?

3 thoughts on “2 miles, 2 falafels

  1. That’s me! Yay. It was so lovely to meet you in person, Mary! Good luck with you move. Can’t wait to read all about the running world in Nashville. :)