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i’m not naturally fast + happy things from the weekend

I could start off complaining that it’s 25 degrees out, but let’s look on the sunny side:IMG_2483At least the skies are bright :)

On my run today, I had some thoughts about a recent conversation I had with another female runner. We were talking about races/PRs/paces and when I told her what my times were, she asked if I had been on the track team in college (ha!). When I told her no — that I’d just been running on my own — she said to me, “Oh, so you’re just naturally fast.IMG_2482Erm, no. Although I’ll admit that genetics and natural athleticism might play a key role in being an elite (or even sub-elite) runner, I don’t think anyone can chalk up their running successes to being “naturally fast.” In fact, I’m anything but naturally fast. When I started running, I could barely cover a mile without dying. It took me two years to work up to six miles (we’re talking 10-minute mile pace, with rest stops), and another year after that to cover a half marathon! The only way I learned to run “fast” (which really isn’t fast compared to competitive runners) and “long” (which isn’t really long compared to ultra runners) is by being consistent, setting goals, hiring a coach, and sticking with it. Never was naturally fast, and never will be :) Point of the story – anyone can be “fast” if they want it and work for it. No natural necessary.

So anyways, that’s that. Back to the sunrise…IMG_2480… followed by some steak._DSC0026Anthony and I celebrated new jobs, a big move, a six-month wedding anniversary, and my two-year blog-iversary (!!) last night at Ray’s the Steaks. Like usual, the food was insanely good.

I even decided to make a photo collage of it, because that’s what normal people do.2014-03-23Fun fact = Ray’s is actually where we were about two years ago when Anthony convinced me to start this little blog! What a great idea 😉_DSC0027My fork-of-filet was too quick for the camera to catch._DSC0037Fabulous dinner!

Before I go, I have three happy things to report on from the weekend.

One: We grew a flower! I’ve been watering this guy since December and he finally bloomed, which I guess means I didn’t kill him after all.
Two: Anthony and I had our karaoke debut! We did the whole karaoke room thing in Chinatown with some friends. Pretty hilarious.DSC04594Three: I donated a stash of Redbooks to the gym yesterday. Sharing the love.IMG_2476
Stay warm out there!

  • Ever sang karaoke?
  • Do you think people can be “naturally fast” ?
  • Last time you ate a big ole steak?

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16 thoughts on “i’m not naturally fast + happy things from the weekend

  1. Yes!!! Thank you for keeping it real about your training. It’s so easy to get caught up comparing ourselves to other runners, and this was a great reminder to me that everyone is on their own journey. To assume you’re just naturally fast totally undermines all your hard work and dedication. Thanks for the monday motivation!
    ps: huge congrats on the new job and the move! :)

  2. My running start sounds just like yours!! I started running in high school, and I remember going out for a run after dinner a few nights a week: 2 miles at an 11-min pace. (My first 6 mile run was because I got terribly lost). Speed came with patience and a lot of miles.

    What song did you pick??

    • oh, it was some terrible boy band song — i think “I Do,” from 98 degrees? I also had a solo: “Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia which was painful to sing and probably more painful to listen to

  3. Thanks for sharing your running progress. I still feel so abysmally slow – I’m running in the 11s for most workouts which was blazing fast for me a few years ago, but only this year since I started really sticking to my training have I made any improvements. I see so many people running marathons at paces I can’t keep up for longer than a mile, and I’m amazed! So, it’s nice to hear that it really comes down to just grinding it out, sticking with it, and being patient. Thanks for the encouragement!

    • yes! it doesn’t matter how “fast” or “slow” you are — it’s just you against yourself, not everyone else. good job on improving your speed!

  4. I think people are naturally one speed. Sounds like your “natural pace” was a 10 min pace. I started running 3 years ago and couldn’t run 2 blocks. I have worked up to running my first marathon last year. But the first time I ran 4 miles, it was a 12:30 pace. I have busted butt and now my “comfortable pace” is a 10:15 pace. My half PR is 2:09, my marathon pr is 4:35. And I have worked so hard to get there where that sounds like where you started. I am not overweight, I cross train, strength train, follow a schedule, do speed work, etc. and I have improved. But my point is….you are naturally faster than me. I hope to get faster but some can put the same work in that I have and can be much faster. But I agree that your work and mine should not be taken for granted and credit should be given. Long comment cause sometimes I am frustrated that my pace is slow and I work hard to be that speed…

    Newer follower, love the blog!

  5. The steak house looks sooo good! Sometimes (a lot of times) I get down on myself, because I’m definitely NOT a naturally fast runner. Running takes a lot of hard work for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or elite!

    I love karaoke but I only have the courage to do it after a few drinks!