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hello snow, goodbye friend :(

Four stages of my snow-bombed morning track session:2014-03-25Winter, WHEN WILL YOU END?!IMG_2499Though my first two 400-meter dashes were close to being on target, my last five were pretty far off the mark. Too slippery to sprint! Mother Nature wins this time.

On the plus side, at least the snow didn’t start last night — which meant that Alanna and Milad were able to drive down from Baltimore to visit!

Ladies first._DSC0015Let’s hear it for the boys._DSC0016Actually, let’s hear it for this chicken tandoori recipe. It was a hit!tandoori_chicken_DSC0007We paired it with the green curry we learned to make in our Indian cooking class. The key to Indian cooking: lots of spice and lots of cilantro.tandoori_chicken_DSC0003-001Alanna rounded out the evening with some cakes and fruit, paired with fondue + whipped cream._DSC0013But the dessert wasn’t sweet enough to cover up the sadness of saying goodbye. I’ll miss my Baltimore neighbor when we move down to Nashville — Alanna, you’re just going to have to fly yourself and your melted Ghirardelli squares to Tennessee soon._DSC0011I guess I should start packing today… nah.

  • Locals: Did you venture out in the snow today?
  • Do you have a fondue set?
  • If you could choose to live in a permanent snowstorm vs. sandstorm, which would you choose?

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5 thoughts on “hello snow, goodbye friend :(

  1. Ha ha that is an interesting question: probably the sandstorm because I absolutely hate the cold! Lol…That dinner looks delicious!

  2. Loved the running as therapy article, thanks for sharing!

    As much as I hate the cold I think I’d choose the snowstorm. Sand in your eyes sounds way more miserable!

    Have a great day :)

  3. Ha the snow-covered track progression pictures are sweet.
    Snowstorm v sandstorm: probably snowstorm because sand hurts when it gets in your eyes. But in either case, I’m pretty sure I would quit running.