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sunrise shots, quesadilla shots, and a whiskey shot

I know you might be sick of seeing the classic Key Bridge sunrise photo — but this might be the last time I get to take it!DSC04615A final run with Anne and Sokphal. We were sad.DSC04616But still happy to be outside in a chilly but beautiful day!DSC04617Six steady miles filled with good chats and memories of a long winter of training together. Anne and I have had some pretty epic adventures since we started running together about eight months ago — like our Wintery November Project date, insanely cold run, and snowy 8k raceDSC04620Thanks for being such a good running buddy, Anne :) !! I don’t know how I will jog on without you.

Anthony and I said goodbye to more buddies last night over some margaritas at El Centro…P1010754And a shot of whiskey for good measure.P1010755We’re going to miss this DC crew for sure! (and I’m feeling just great this morning, in case you were wondering)

BUT focusing on the positive and sticking with the Mexican theme, here’s a quesadilla.turkey_quesadillas_DSC0006We followed this recipe (which we got from this book, one of our favorite cooking resources!) loosely, and grilled our ‘dillas on our panini press for ultimate melty-ness and crispy-ness.turkey_quesadillas_DSC0004We were short a few tortillas, so decided to add the rest of the quesadilla fillings to a mountain of nachos. One of our best ideas to date.turkey_quesadillas_DSC0010All this Mexican food is really the only way to cope with the upcoming move. Good thing we still have leftovers…

Today I’m going to start packing, for real!

  • Nachos: White, yellow, or blue?
  • Last time you took a shot?
  • How often do you run with friends?

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5 thoughts on “sunrise shots, quesadilla shots, and a whiskey shot

  1. I don’t run with friends nearly enough :( The last time I ran with someone was probably a few weeks ago…hoping that will change as the weather gets warmer.

    Hmm the last time I did a shot was St. Patrick’s Day weekend, so not too long ago…and I think I did 3 shots that day – Fireball, Vodka, and Tequila….. oh well, it was a big holiday in Chicago…

  2. Maybe take a shot with your parents before packing? :) So great seeing you this morning! Having friends to run with def. makes it easier!