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my best and last run in DC

My last run in DC started dark and early — just how I usually roll.DSC04623I saved the BEST run for last because I met up with Leah and Miriam, my two long-time running buddies (<– that post is from 2012!!). We did a tour de DC, starting at Lincoln:DSC04624Heading east toward the Washington monument and the sun :)DSC04626Finishing at the Capitol, where my camera started to freak out a bit (I think it’s sad that we’re leaving DC, too).DSC04630Camera still had the shakes when we took our final group run photo together — but that’s a good thing, because you can’t tell how teary-eyed I am in this shot. Nothing shakes the soul like a good running buddy.DSC04632Miriam and Leah, I love you (and I’m putting it on the internet for the world to know). I am going to miss our runs (and our rages!) so incredibly much :(. Philly round II or some sort of reunion is in the works…! (planning and focusing on future travel/reunions is my coping mechanism)

Speaking of reunion, my parents are here!_DSC0024They came last night to help us with the packing extravaganza. First agenda item, though, was a wine/cheese extravaganza._DSC0020We had some cheese and lots of odds and ends left over from our dinner party the other night, so threw it all together into quite a feast!_DSC0022The only effort really required was roasting these veggies and pouring wine. Not too difficult :)_DSC0021I can’t believe we’re actually packing up (today) and moving out (tomorrow) — and that I ran my LAST RUN ever in DC today! So much to come. Catch you tomorrow!

  • If you have a running buddy, how long have you been running together?
  • Wine: red or white?
  • Any words of wisdom for mentally/emotionally handling a big move?

23 thoughts on “my best and last run in DC

  1. I LOVE YOU MARY! AND YOU LEAH! I’m going to miss my running buddies so much. Also, I’ll have you know that your link to the post in 2012 finally made me cry…at work…

    Wishing you all the best on your new adventure. And that was NOT your last run in DC…until next time!

  2. Miriam, now you’re making me cry!!!! I will never have running buddies like the two of you. Early morning raging, evening mini mini raging, potluck dinners, having strangers comment on our inappropriate running conversations, finding the best water and bathroom breaks in the city, domestic and international travel buddies, and general best and most supportive girlfriends ever. You two have made so many of my best memories of DC, and I will never be able to think about this city or the last few years without thinking of how much you guys have meant, and will continue to mean, to me.

    Let’s get started planning our group race or next trip so I can stop crying. Mary, I’m going to miss you so so so much, and I can’t wait to visit you in Nashville.

  3. We’ll miss you!

    Words of wisdom – actively seek out the good, interesting, quirky, etc. in your new place. Look for things to like. Throw yourself into exploring, finding the running clubs & routes, making new friends. And avoid comparison to your old situation (home, city) as much as possible. Every place I lived, I’ve found things I enjoyed, liked/loved and missed when I left (even in places I wouldn’t go back to and didn’t love overall).

    Wishing you all the best, looking forward to hearing how it goes.

  4. I am so glad you are moving to Nashville! Of all the blogs I read, no one lives here in NashVegas, so it will be so cool to see Nashville from a blogger’s side of things!! Good luck with the move – we just moved here this summer and it was quite an adventure. What area are you looking to live in?

    • thanks! yeah, we are excited. looking to buy a house in either 12 south or east nashville — which would you recommend?

  5. Aw hope y’all have a good move! I know it’s gotta be hard! That dinner looks delicious, btw! Can’t get much better than cheese, crackers, wine, roasted veggies and some meat! Yum! My favorite wine is definitely red. As to any words of wisdom, just remember that your home will always be in the same place as your beloved

  6. Oh no! I just found your blog (love the pics!) and now you’re leaving DC! I hear Nashville is awesome, though. If you see any of the hot men from the TV show, please take pictures!

  7. Good luck on your big move! Is it just me, or does it seem like all this happened really really quickly? At any rate, good luck, and keep us posted on how it’s going! I will miss all your pictures of DC!

  8. Running buddies are hard to leave! (and the good ones are hard to find!) My longest-standing running buddy is my dad, but I’ve been with my current runpals for about a year. Best of luck with the move!

  9. Good luck with your move. I can’t imagine my life anymore without my CrossFit bestie. But I’ve never found the right person at the right time to run the right pace with me, except maybe my dad. But he’s slowing down for me!! Hah.

  10. WAIT did I run by you three yesterday when you were near the capital?! I think I did! There were three girls, one definitely wearing white, standing at 3rd street when I turned on to run down Madison! I’m pretty sure it was you! Yes! Hopefully I was able to steal some of your awesome DC running vibes :)

    • haha i thought that was you, too! but wasn’t sure bc it was still a bit dark. hope you had a good run :)