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pretty crazy weekend

Hey there! Let’s recap the weekend backwards, starting with today’s run :)DSC04663Which took place upon Tennessean trails. We made it!DSC04652Anthony joined me for seven fartlek-ed miles, which were both painful and wonderful at the same time. The weather was great, but I was suffered from some serious side stitches along the way! Hate when that happens.DSC04649Love finding a cool fossil head skull thing atop a mailbox, though.DSC04650Good run.

Rewinding to Thursday’s workout: Packing up alllllllll of these boxes.
Not surprisingly, we had way more stuff than we thought we did and had to buy a few more boxes. Where was all this crap hiding?!!

Anyways, with the help of some professional movers and my parents, we were able to load it all up and hit the road pretty easily. IMG_2521The best stop along the way: Cracker Barrel! Anthony had never been in his entire life (apparently Cracker Barrel hasn’t kicked off in Australia yet?) and was in for a real Southern treat.DSC04644Biscuits, sweet tea, corn bread, and fried okra — with rocking chairs and country music? By far our most romantic dinner date.DSC04646Speaking of dinner, my mom doesn’t mess around when it comes to that. Four steps to the perfect Saturday night meal:2014-03-29Ta-da._DSC0063Step five: homemade limoncello. _DSC0071We’re off to meet a friend of a friend to check out a new church, then meet with a realtor to check out some new houses! Then time to check out our new jobs tomorrow.  Pretty crazy weekend. Have a good one!

  •  Have you ever made your own alcohol concoction?
  • Ever moved back home with your parents?
  • Ever… gone skydiving?!

10 thoughts on “pretty crazy weekend

  1. You’re lucky you escaped the nasty, soggy DC weather! It’s currently SNOWING again. Your trail run looks beautiful :)

    I’ve made my own hard apple cider before with a jug of unfiltered apple juice and a pack of champagne yeast.

    I am currently living with my parents for this gap year. Moving out for good in June when I start dental school :)

  2. OH my goodness that steak with veggies and homemade fries/roasted potatoes looks like the most perfect dinner EVER!
    What an exciting time!

  3. So many new & exciting things going on! So excited for you two & I can’t wait to see all the cool new places you discover in Tennessee :)

  4. Where did ya’ll run? I am always looking for new areas to explore with the pup. I pretty much just run on the greenways/percy and edwin warner. Hope you are enjoying our gorgeous weather!!! Welcome to Tennessee!