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colorful workout, lots of houses, and a sandwich

Adjusting to the central time zone and a new schedule means I’ll be keeping this in hand at all times:IMG_2529Short and sweet session at our new and colorful gym!IMG_2528How was the rest of your weekend? Anthony and I spent most of the day house hunting! Which is very fun and very tiring at the same time. Sort of like running a marathon (but a lot more $$ and a lot less gatorade). _DSC0050Don’t you love this light fixture?! _DSC0055No winners so far, but we’re hoping to find our dream home soon! In the meantime, we’ll always have our dream sandwiches to eat along the way.IMG_2526
Off to do this work thing. Have a great day guys!

  • Tips for buying a first house?
  • Favorite bread to make a sandwich with?
  • Morning fitness people: What time do you wake up to hit the gym/go for a run?


8 thoughts on “colorful workout, lots of houses, and a sandwich

  1. I totally feel you with the house hunting. We had a grand total of something like 36 hours to find a house in Vermont. We looked at 12 in one day and none of them were remotely close. Thankfully it worked out in the end :) Don’t be afraid to be upfront and honest – the more guidance you give to the realtor (if you’re working with one), the better they can help you. And prices are always negotiable :)

  2. #1 suggestion since your parents live near-by. Have them look it over before you buy. You may think they are ancient but they are a lot wiser on house hunting – lol.