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awesome running weather + monday night celebrations

This forecast is not an April Fool’s joke:IMG_2538
Last week, my track workout got snowed upon — this week, I wore shorts and a tank top! I love today already.IMG_2548On the menu was six 1000-meter (2.5 laps) dashes, with a one-minute rest in between.IMG_2546One minute is NOT a lot of time when you are huffing, puffing, and jamming out to Cut Copy. But I made it! Most of my reps fell in the 4:15-4:20 range.

I still feel pretty weird visiting my old high school, but it’s not weird in a bad way. Go Bruins!IMG_2545And, go Mom! Another home-cooked meal for the win._DSC0073(ps Anthony and I aren’t living at my parents’ forever — we’re staying here until we find a place of our own :) )

Since we both successfully completed our first work days, we thought vino was appropriate for a Monday night.
With some gelato for good measure._DSC0077Ice cream makes everyone a kid again.2014-03-31Hope you’re enjoying some warm weather in your town, too!

  • Gelato, froyo, custard, or ice cream?
  • Favorite speed/race music to listen to?
  • Tell me the most random thing that’s happened to you so far.


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