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eagle pose to pork pose

My morning = strong cup of coffee_DSC0017followed by a light session of yoga._DSC0020Anthony and I tried out this “HardCORE” flow from YogaDownload and thought it was pretty good! I don’t love yoga, but I do think it’s fun to do it with a friend and also highly entertaining to watch these video instructors bend and twist in non-human ways.

Leaving eagle pose to pork pose:_DSC0015My madre whipped up another great dinner last night! Coming home from your first week on the job can be tough, but coming home to already-made dinner makes it a lot easier :)_DSC0002Kathy will never reveal her top-secret creations, but I think the pork tenderloin could be recreated by following something like this recipe. As for the secret behind the mashed potatoes… let me fill you in. Add bacon.

  • What’s your favorite way to eat bacon?
  • Last time you did yoga?
  • Coffee roast – bold, medium, or light?

9 thoughts on “eagle pose to pork pose

    • because it’s liquid gold! miss you guys too :( i need some running buds asap. meet you in kentucky?

  1. I try to do yoga once a week with friends. They are just starting to sort of like it. I agree though it is a lot more fun to do with friends than alone. Lots of laughing and complaining.

    • go you! i went veggie for 3 months a few years ago… and then randomly ate pepperoni pizza one night. that was that