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southern adjustments

I’m still learning to adjust to the early-early-wake up times in our new routine. Dark o’clock, here I come!IMG_2561First three miles in peace and quiet. Then I stopped to pick up Anthony for the next four!IMG_2564I know I look fantastic  in this photo, but what’s actually awesome about the shot is the gnarly tree behind me.IMG_2565Even though it was gorgeous outside today, I just wasn’t feeling my greatest. The new schedule, new job, new city, and new (muggy!) temperatures are starting to catch up with me.

Luckily Anthony kept me motivated, and then I was able to cruise through the final three miles with a bit more speed than when I started. IMG_2570Ten miles, done and done. (mostly) in the sun!

Another huge adjustment I’m learning to get used to: DRIVING! I had to stop for gas the other day and it blew my mind. Not only had I forgotten how to handle the machine, but I’d also forgotten how expensive gas is. Wow.
85 dollars later, I drove off with the gas cap open.

Stick around for tomorrow’s Southern Adventures! :)

  • Do you drive or take public transport?
  • How long does it typically take you to adjust to a new routine?
  • Tell me about your run today!!

10 thoughts on “southern adjustments

  1. Wow, great scenery on your run!

    I drive because I live in the suburbs and it’s impossible to do anything without a car. I dislike it, and I can’t wait to move to Boston where I will be car-free!

  2. Driving a lot would be a big adjustment for me too. We live in Denver, but we manage with one car since I work from home. I walk or bike everywhere, and I absolutely love that lifestyle. Cute running shorts!

  3. I have a love-hate relationship with driving… sometimes it’s so fun and other times it makes me nuts (when traffic is involved/I’m running late/I’m hangry). Usually it takes me 3-4 days to get used to a new routine!

  4. I drive, but my commute is only 3 miles, so it’s not bad (WOW that sounds lazy). I’ve driven off with my gas cap open a few times. My cap isn’t attached to my car, so I take it off and put it on top of my car while I get gas. Then I forget about it, drive off, and need to buy a new gas cap.