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weirdly quiet run, enormous closet, and calamari with ice cream

I don’t care that it’s nasty outside. It’s Friday!!!IMG_2585I opted to run on the treadmill instead of getting struck by lightening this morning. Tough call.IMG_2583Slow and easy run — without any headphones! I’ve been really off music with running lately and just like to zone out in the quiet. Even on the treadmill, which is weird.

Last night Anthony and I toured some more homes. One has a huge closet so is obviously a potential winner…P1010759
All that home shopping made us pretty hungry! Eastland Cafe it was (with wine, of course).P1010765My parents joined us for a fine feast that started with a favorite — calamari! Eastland’s had sort of a sweet/sour Asian twist on it, plus a pretty little pile of peppers.P1010767I got local roasted chicken, served with (bacon-topped) collard greens and roasted tomatoes.P1010770We liked Eastland Cafe, but thought the entrees were pretty tiny, especially considering their price. Luckily my dad got a massive pizza and hearty salad to share with us all…P1010772and we still had room for ice cream.P1010784My family loooooves taking photos for the blog.P1010785Have a good weekend!

    • Favorite ice cream flavor? (I got banana french toast last night. amaaazing)
    • Run with music or without?
    • What are you most looking forward to this weekend?

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9 thoughts on “weirdly quiet run, enormous closet, and calamari with ice cream

  1. OMG, I miss Jeni’s!!! Have you tried the Queen City Cayenne or the Brambleberry Crisp? I bought an ice cream maker when I left Nashville (for DC again, I have done the exact opposite relocations as you) and Jeni’s recipes so that I can make them here in DC :)

    • yes, anthony got brambleberry and it was sooo good. we also liked the bangkok peanut :). crazy that we did a reverse move?! idk of any great ice cream spots in dc, but dolcezza gelato is the bomb.

  2. Heehee cute family photo!
    My fave ice cream flavor is yogurt(NOT froyo)! I had it in Germany, and it’s rich with a tangy yogurt flavor. I haven’t found anything like it in the states :(
    I almost always run with music. The only time is when I am racing where headphones aren’t allowed, when it’s raining, or when I’m doing a brick.

  3. Now I want icecream! Hmmmm. That sounds great! I love banana or coffee icecream.

    I only run without music if I have people to talk to. Maybe I should more often though. I need some more leisurely runs. I think music pumps me up. I love it though:-)

  4. I can’t run without music! I am just getting back into running after a break for health reasons and I am looking forward to running this weekend!

  5. seeing your parents smile? — so clear where you own beaming grin came from. lovely family! ;o)